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Lati Red-Line EVENT; Blue Restock+New Package Sets

Jul 11, 2007

    1. As an add-on to doll order, you can get either the Summer Vacataion Set ($106) for the LatiBlue boys,



      Wig : Mo-hair(Silvery green)
      outfits : cowboy hat, sleeveless T, stripe shirt, Cargo pants
      Shoes : Leather sandals

      Or the Ribbon Sweet Set ($115) for the LatiBlue girls.



      Wig : Ra63-25(Gold)
      outfits : head dress, one-piece, half socks, underpants, petticoat
      Shoes : white Ribbon shoes(Pink)

      You can still get the default outfits, and you can also purchase the Package Sets in parts. The Summer Vacation set can be seperated into the shoes and outfit, and the Ribbon Sweet Dress can be seperated into shoes, outfit, and wig. Furthermore, you can purchase the LatiBlue boys in parts now. The heads are the same price as the LatiBlue girls ($109), but the body is more expensive ($210, compared to $200). The Blue-size section under dress has also been flooded with clothes for their very hard to dress minis. The shoe section has undergone the same treatment, too.

      And a message from Lati: "correction notice of Red line renewal event"

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