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Lati September releases...new White body and Grown-up Laches (both reg. & special)!!!

Aug 30, 2007

    1. Just making sure y'all saw this, since I didn't see a discussion yet:

      There are also various gifts for the anniversary, including clothing and additional head parts.

      Can you just imagine? A Sp. Version Grown-up Laches? My poor wallet.
    2. Oh no! I'm on a dolly diet apart from Carrie's ones. Help! I'm not even going to look or I'll be doomed. Well, maybe just a peek... No must be strong and resist. *giggle*
    3. Oh no too! Other than tinydoll's doll I'm on a dolly diet too just like Valli.

      Pury's been on my want list since I saw Nakitama's at a meetup and grown up Pury was on an even higher want*sigh* at least the release is grown up Laches
    4. Man...we're all supposed to be on a dollie diet.. why do they do this to us? I can't wait to see what they do with the Lati whites!
    5. oh boy.. my wallet is going to be depleted...

      Laches grown up! *drools*
    6. Yup, I am way past dolly diet--I am on dolly restriction! Dang it, I hope I hate them, but I bet they are going to be cute little buggars. I can't wait to see them!
    7. T.T oh my! Grown-up Laches! Actually attainable? Mercy me!
    8. I'm so happy about this news I already bugged everyone I know about getting a grown-up Laches! *LOL*
      In other words; I think it's wonderful they are gonna sell him again!:aheartbea
    9. I've seen Pei's Laches for what feels like month's now and his mocha skin is calling me - though he would be a she I think. *slaps hands* My mental dolly wish list keeps getting longer...
    10. I can't wait, I missed the last launch because I was travelling.
    11. Oh dear ...doomed ...I love the tiny white
      ..me thinks I must not look
    12. hm. So is grown up Laches going to be limited, I wonder?
    13. So is this grown up latches TAN I am guessing yes because thats the one they have been bugged about. So that is actually a elf tan special version Hum that is pretty cool! might look cute with my cookie sp! so the head will be the large head that was only offered free to 10 winners right?
    14. I was just reading the announcements from LatiDoll, since I can only afford one doll at this time (wanted to make sure nothing else is coming up) and I noticed something HUGE. They are going to be re-releasing Lati Yellow Laches!!!! One of my dream dolls, ack!!

      You can view the announcement for yourself, and here is a quote.

    15. oh geez I thought I searched for it and didn't find it XD
    16. I believe that's right, what I'm wondering is wether or not this is going to be a "limited" release again, or if it will be a regular for sale item. Hmm =x
    17. They seem to be offering both the "gift" tan dolls. I wonder if they'll re-release Pury and Lina as well? I'm sure they'd be popular.
    18. Oh, my, i had just decided on a Lumi, and Grown-Up Laches shows up!
      Hmm. Well, with the anniversary event, i could get a Laches (assuming its Limited) and get a Lumi head, and buy the body later. Only problem is, the head proboly wont come with make-up, and buying the body additionally.... well, lets say that its alot for my first doll(s) -_-;;
      Aah, i thought i would have a longer time to think about all this.. but it seems like its now or never. (i mean, i doubt grown-up Laches will be realeased again, they werent even planning on doing it a second time)

      oooohh, decisions, decisions...
    19. I tried to get some clarification on the grown-up Laches release. This is what I asked:
      And this was Lati's response:
      It sounds like he's going to a Special version, not a re-make of the original Limited Edition Laches. If that's the case, he'll have a whole new outfit. I can 't wait to see photos of the Special grown-up Laches!