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Lati stringing question

May 30, 2008

    1. So, let me start off by saying that I am new to Latis and BJDs altogether.

      How do you tell if your lati is stringed too tightly or too loosely? I just got my girl yesterday, but she could hardly stand up straight. Is this normal?

      I want to restring her, but I don't know how to gauge if the tension strings are too tight or are too loose.

      Can anyone advise?

    2. I only have a lati Green doll and a Lati Blue body, they both are strung too tight. I ended up restringing both. I'm not sure if this is a common thing with Lati though.

      You can tell if the tension strings are too tight when ur doll is "kicky", or her knees/ hands can't stay straight for long without bending at the joints. You should have an instruction sheet that comes with your Lati, the measurement for the length of the strings at the body and arms should be stated there.

      What size is your Lati? I have the Lati Green and Blue instructions and can let you know the measurements tonight when I get home :)
    3. She's a yellow.

      I did go through the instruction sheet. I think I'm just going to restring her with the measurements they gave me and see how it goes. It seems like no matter what I do I can't pose her.
    4. One of my cat latis is really kicky too. All of my other yellows were strung perfectly. I'm going to restring her when I have some spare time.
    5. So, I restrung my Lati Yellow today, and she's much better. I just used the measurements given in the instruction booklet in the box (30cm and 15cm).

      She's MUCH better now. She feels more loose, and now I know she was strung too tight. Her body felt loose before because she was super hard to pose and was "flopping" all over the place. Now I know she was posing like that because her strings were way too tight and caused her arms/legs to buckle, and I couldn't stand her because her feet/knees wouldn't stay the way I placed them.

      She might be a little loose for BJD standards, but she almost seems more "cuddly", if that makes any sense :lol:
    6. faylestar I'm glad your yellow is posing better now :)
    7. HELP!!!! I have the same problem, my lati was too 'tight' and i restringed her but with 30 cm of elastic for the legs , still is too tight !! AND the problem is that i cant pull the elastic throught the foots , because is too tight ...... are you sure that 30 cm is good ? BUT you mean 30 cm divide for 2 parts of the legs (for each side), or 30 cm in total?? If should be 30 cm for sides, the elastic should measure 60 cm !! O__o
    8. Bump :°(((((
    9. I don't have the directions as I got my yellow 2nd hand. Mine needs to be done too.Help please.
    10. Helpp!!!! :°°°((
    11. i need help too! i can't find my instructions =( my girl can't even stand up.. i'm so upset that i can take proper photos of her without her falling over...
    12. nevermind! i found the instruction.. if someone needs it lemme know.. i'll try to scan it!
    13. btw! when i took out the old strings.. i measure it .. and it was like.. barely 20cm and 10 cm! makes me think lati is trying to be cheap and save money on strings.. cuz they know we'll restring when i get our lati if it's too tight! =S
    14. Sorry, it's been a long time since I've logged in here ^^

      Try testing your string. The string I got with my first Lati Yellow was way more bouncy than the string I got with my second Lati Yellow. If you screw up, it's ok. Take your string with you, and visit a craft store. They should sell elasticized string that you can buy to replace it. When I restrung my second girl, I intentionally cut the strings too long. I figured if she was too loose, it would be easy to take her apart again and cut of a few mm of the string.
    15. Hello! I just bought two Lati Yellows second hand and I can't even pose them because they are strung too tightly. Is there a video tutorial anyone can recommend so I can watch someone do it? I have a hard time with just written instructions. I live pretty near Denver Doll Emporium, I'm wondering if I pay them they will re string them for me? I might take them over there with me and ask :) until then I'm not able to enjoy my Lati's at all, and am thinking I should just sell them, so much money for something I can't enjoy.