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Lati Tanned Special Dolls

Dec 5, 2007

    1. I couldnt find a thread outside the news for this, so thought I'd create one. I know there was one for the xmas elfs, but these are different.

      Lati just released the pictures. They will be limited for sale from Dec 12-jan 12. There are both white and yellow versions and many of each.

      I'm going to have a very, very hard time deciding.

      Does anyone know if the boys will be boys or not?
    2. I saw them this morning and almost dies from the sweetness! I really want a Tan Lily. But I am unsure wheat they will cost. Does anyone know, or have an idea? Gotta fit it into the doll budget.. :)
    3. Does anyone else notice the sanded seams on the pics? I noticed this with tinybears SP white tan latches in her pics. Not sure it bothers her at all? Tinybear?

      Thoughts on the yellow SP's
      But on thoes pics being how they are so small the color difference is stronger. Also if you look at the close up pictures where the hand is touching the face eeksss.... something just strange about the color on the hands, they looks so wavy and skinny and streaked. So not a fan of the SP yellow hands and I guess in tan they look worst to me. Well just pointing this out to save anyone from disappointment in case it matters.
    4. I want tan Arin XD but I dont think I will have the money for her... maybe when it's januar and I have a lot of luck. but I dont think that will happen... and I also think my mom wouldnt like it becous I already have two new tiny's comming in around that time
    5. I'm fairly certain I'll get one. The problem is which one. I like the limited whites too, but am not sure if its the doll or the clothes that appeals to me with those ones.
    6. I'm probaly blind, do you mean the normal ones? basic and basic sp? or am I blind and are there special white limeted editions to?
    7. They are really cute! I'm really new to the latidoll website, for some reason it never worked for me, until recently.

      (edit: don't worry I'll figure it out)
    8. Oh no...I really love the tan Lily. Curse my weakness for small, adorable things! x_x
    9. Oh-they are so cute! I think my favorites are Belle and Arin...I wish Lati made more tan dolls...they are adorable!
    10. Aw, Belle is a cutie, too! I wish more companies in general offered tan, but with the process of creating tan being difficult, I can see why it'd be limited to specials and such.
    11. You're not alone there. I used to not be able to see their site from my office computer, but could from home and now I can see it wherever. they had something in their programming that made it inaccessable for some people.

      Its good and bad that I can see it now.

    12. :lol: I know what you mean!!!

      I can't decide, I have to see owner photos of the Lati little ones. Is this special body new? for the 20cm? I find the hands to look a bit odd, but maybe it's just the photos??
    13. Yes 20cm is the newer one the tallest yellow body. The hands are new style for these different than the very cute hands on the 16cm one.
    14. Tanned Coco! It's like a dream come true! :D
    15. I see what you mean. Now I really need to look to see which are special body and which are 16cm and then which do I really want and arghhh!
    16. I looked and now I can't stand it. I ordered a tan Miel Christmas elf and now I want a tan Belle. Gosh, these dolls are cute. Where oh where will I find the $$. I keep selling on Ebay and these tinies keep taking my profits!!! Guess I have to find more to sell.
    17. Ugh.. I was saving up for a woosoo but these little guys totally put a dent in that. u.u;;;

      Anyone have an idea on price? I was thinking the yellows would be in the $350-$400 range..but I'm hopeing I'm off.:sweat
    18. I knew I'd be in love with the tan miel @.@ and i dunno, the SP yellow hands are still disturbing turnoff to me. :/ I much prefer the hands on the smaller body~
    19. Anyone have a guess at the price of the tan Whites? Gotta plan for the cost... just a few more days! Can't wait!!!

      My daughter secretly (yeah right... totally out load) is hoping we could win one of the Pury's. But not likely... great incentive though!