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Lati vs Jaime

Aug 9, 2008

    1. The Lati and Jaime dolls are very similar, but after looking at all the Latis and Jaimes on Flickr, I found that Jaimes have slightly more detailed faces and convey more emotion than the Latis. So, I ordered Ara (hopefully she'll be ready soon, I ordered her on July 8, I believe).What are some of your opinions about Latis vs. Jaimes? What are they like in person, and which is easier to pose? I have now fallen in love with little Byurl (Lati Yellow) and plan to order him with the next Lati ordering period.
    2. I really don't know, as I don't have either, but I think I might have read somewhere that the Jamie dolls are a bit more poseable, but I don't really remember??!! However, I am of the opinion that both dolls are stunning. Really beautiful on both sides. Lati faceups are amazing, imo, but I'm crazy about super detailed eyebrows. I haven't been able to really tell Jamie doll brows that well. But they seem nice, just not as incredible as Lati dolls. But eyebrows aren't everyone's "thing" LOL :) Both are really lovely!
    3. I have them both ..
      there really isnt anything in them ..its down to which face you prefere ...the face-ups are so similar quality and shadeing...those super amazing eyebrows
      I do prefere Jaime doll bodys ..if jointed torso isnt an issue ..than fine ..
      if you prefere a jointed torso ...go Jaime ...
      I dislike with a venom the new magnet hands and feet on Lati ...
      so I have my Lati heads on Jaime bodies , Lea is my favorite girl that size so I have 2 Lea ..2 on JaimeDoll bodies ...I have to get one for my newest Lea who is on the way
      I have 2 Jaime heads Lts Tiffany Elf ..she looks beautiful with Lea Elf
      and a Tan Vito girl ..one day I hope to get a Tan Lea ..I think they will look beautiful togeather too

      Jaimedoll has a slightly smaller head ...
      but they can share clothes and eyes ...

      Byrul I adore ..but again as I dont like the Lati body ...and I have a thing about little boys haveing a little boys body ...my Lati little boy ..is on a Bobobie boys body ...great fit ..I just swapped the hands and feet ..so they look better ..and again they fit Lati clothes ..:D

      but there is just something about Lati face`s ...I love them ...Jaime dolls ...got to say ...love them too

      I would like to try a larger Lati Green head on the larger Jaimedoll body
    4. Thanks for your opinions. I know what you mean about Latis... something is just so special abou them. The more I look at them, the more I love them. Maybe they have a bit more of the "anime" look than Jaimes, which are a tiny bit more realistic, but that's what makes Latis so appealing... in the same way as Pukis, I suppose. As for the eyebrows, both Jaime and Lati dolls seem to have nice, detailed ones, from the photos I've seen on Flickr. It's good to know that the Jaime body is more posible.
    5. I agree with Tinybear, that it really is your personal preference. I had LaTi dolls first, then J'aime, and they are both my favorites of all my ABJDs. I like the joint in the J'aime body, but not having it in my LaTi's doesn't really bother me. I do like that they can share clothing, though some of the wigs don't work, since J'aime heads are a lot smaller.
    6. WHY Tinybear ? I wanna know all about it!

      plus I am wondering how the resin match is between the two
    7. resin match is fantastic ...no difference ...in tan or normal ..cant tell you about white I havent got one
      but they are great
      as far as the Lati magnet hands ,I dont like the general look of the magnet hands ...the feet pull off far too easy when you change the shoes

      I have replaced my magnet hands and feet with the tie on ones they came with ..and Im much happier

      Im wondering now if the Jaime doll Rosebay Cute body will fit the Lati green head :D
    8. Hi! My first "tiny" was Jamie's Ara - and I just love her to pieces. Of all my bjd's, both big and small, she is my absolute favorite! She has become my "travel doll" when I think I can get away with it. I do have a Lati yellow, and she is a really nice doll, but I love the Jamie dolls best. They have so much personality.
    9. i wish it were more straightforward which wigs fit J'aime and which don't. i ordered one from ruby red gallery and i'm really anxious whether or not it will fit.
    10. My RubyRedGalleria wigs fit my jaime dolls perfectly and I have 4 wigs and two jaime girls...:)
    11. good to know! now i won't fret so much about it while it is in the mail!

    12. Lati's and Jamie's dolls are both so adorable.. I am having a hard time trying to pick my first Tiny doll between the two companies!!
    13. i vote jaime!!!
    14. I have a Lati Yellow in the mail to me and am getting ready to place an order for Tiffany.
      I can't wait! :D I'll maybe be able to give an opinion in a couple months or so but I know my Lea will be my fav for a while hehe!
    15. Tiffany is great! I have Elf Tiffany and love her to bits. I have two Lea's and I love both of them, especially my elf Lea....:love
    16. i just bought a lati yellow (coco) so my comparisons will improve soon too!
    17. If you would twist my arm (please don't though) I would vote for Jaime for their wonderful customer support and great dolls, but if you would ask me which doll I favour (I have two Jaime dolls and 4 lati yellows) I would say Lati Yellow Benny. Even though I love my Jaime girls an awful lot, I like the soft shapes in the Lati faces a tiny bit better.
    18. Forgive my ignorance, but is the J'aime Adonis the same size as Lati Yellow? My Cristen should be here in time for Christmas, and I want to start collecting clothes in anicipation (any excuse to shop :doh)
    19. I just switched out my HK Elf (Ash) to a Jaime body and just love it now. He's so much more posable and can sit with out having to "lean" against something. Here is the post I did a few days ago. So far, all of his outfits that I have for him, fit great. :) His resin matched great also.
    20. I have a Lati Yellow Miel and used to have a Jaime Doll Trudy. I found that the Jaime Doll posed much better than the Lati, and sat really well, whereas Miel would fall backwards when she sat down! I think it is to do with her big head, it makes her a bit top heavy!

      As for the faces, I think that is just a matter of taste. I really like my Miels face. I only sold Trudy because I didn't really need two in the same size.