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Lati website down?

Mar 15, 2006

    1. I don't know where to post this...I haven't been able to get onto the latidoll website for at least 3 days now. Does anyone know what's happening?

      Sorry if this is a stupid question/in the wrong place/already been answered. :oops:
    2. It's working fine for me :D

      Maybe try to clear your cookies and cache?
    3. I'll try clearing them thanks.

      yes I am trying form the main page. =S I don't know what's up. one day it was working fine and the next it just didn't. =___=;;
    4. It's not working for me either...What's happening Q___Q?
    5. It is working now...
      http://www.latidoll.com/ the page is blank with just the words
      in the lower right corner. Maybe you need to open up your screen to see?
      ...then just hit the English link and it takes you to the main page.
    6. nope they don't work. It's not that nothing comes up. I get an actual "problem loading page" message.

      gah who know's what's going on. I think CL has the same problem. This is also happening with the Tensiya site.
    7. Its been working fine for me too, I was on it yesterday and again today :sweat
    8. Someone in Melbourne mentioned having trouble loading the Tensiya site, so there could be problems with one of the local proxies being down (I used to work for Bigpond when I lived in Melbourne).

    9. I have the same problem - both LatiDoll and Tensiya websites. The websites simply do not load, and Firefox complains that the server can't be located.

      This used to happen with the angelsupply.com site, too, where no matter what I did, I (and many others) seemed to be "locked out" of their site. They finally had to fix something with their host, I think, in order to allow some visitors access again.
    10. so will this go away soon? ^^;; or will I be tesiya/lati doll-less forever. :atremblin
    11. Q____Q What should we do now...|||...I dun even know where to ask for help|||orz
    12. Oh, sorry, both sites are working for me still, so I'm not sure why they aren't working for everyone...
    13. It's alright Beckers...I think the problem is only in Australia...
    14. (Ok, I hope the mods won't look at me too askance for this, but it's relevant if people can't view doll companies websites)

      My husband and I both used to work for Australian ISP companies when we lived there, me for Bigpond, him for Primus. I mentioned the problem to him last night, and he suggested it could be a proxy problem (as in network proxies), but now he thinks it could be a routing problem from South Korea, since people can still view DoA ok. He suggested that people contact their ISP, and mention they can't get South Korean websites, so that the ISP can log the fault and query it with their upstream providers (i.e. the company *they* get Internet from). I hope I haven't used too much technical jargon! :)

    15. I can't get to either of the sites either....I'll try to contact my ISP provider and see if that works....wierd......it was working just a week ago....
    16. okay I'll try that...but it so weird that it worked only a few days ago and then suddenly it didn't. ;_;
    17. I've emailed the ISP and they replied as follow:
      It appears as though the domains you are attempting to view are
      undergoing maintenance of sorts (their TTL is set to 1, usually should be

      I would suggest querying the status of the domain names with the

      I have no idea what it is but it seems that the error is at the Doll web sites? Can anybody notify Lati and Tensiya please? Q___Q
    18. If that was the case, none of us would be able to see those sites! I would suggest you reply, pointing out that people in other countries can view those websites fine, and perhaps link to this thread (I think non-members can access the News forum).