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LaTi white shoes & clothes?

Jan 15, 2006

    1. Does anyone know what shoes she can wear? I think I'm going to have to knit or crochet some for her. Her feet measure 13mm x 8mm - tiny!!
      What about clothes?
    2. I dont know about shoes yet Valli , I knit my little Kitty some socks , I can get tiny shoes on him with his socks but not bare feet

      I knit outfits smaller for the Lati white than I do for my Pons and Secretdoll
      I have a great comparison shot I am about to put in the files
    3. off to check that out then, Carrie. Which shoes do you use with socks?
    4. I tried on the tiny pocketfairy shoes off FreeSpiritz
      he was all shoe and I wasnt sure I liked it:oops:
      I havent tried and Kelly ones yet
    5. Isn't there a toddler doll in the Kelly line that's smaller than Kelly? It's like a 2-3 year old doll, sometimes a boy and sometimes a girl. Not sure what the name is, but Sealpup got shoes for her Secretdoll from one of those. Maybe those would work for White? Or, what about Dawn shoes?
    6. Is it one of these, Robin? I bought these thinking they were Shelly/Kelly dolls but they are much smaller. Unfortunately their shoes are just a tad too small.
    7. Yep, those are the ones, not sure what they're names are (or if they even have names)...that's too bad. I will keep my eyes open for other sources, I know I want to check out Dawn doll fit on my Elfs, so I'll have shoes from that to try. I also ordered some of those Heidi Ott shoes to experiment with.

      What about those mini-Blythe dolls? Do they have shoes?
    8. Bump 'cause Im wondering this, too.
    9. My LaTi White tiny wears these adorable little (12mm) shoes from Denver Doll Emporium with socks ("Itty Bitty Shoes" on the Shoe Rack):



      They also fit Orient Doll So without socks. They come in black and cream. I wish they had white, too.

    10. Oh, and also, what wig and eye sizes are they?

      Hehe thank you! Thsoe are cute, but the ties bother me -_- *needs teeny tiny snaps*
    11. Valli those dolls in the photo are the Mattel Happy Family Toddler dolls, I have a pair of shoes from them that fit my normal Lati White Laches. Try them again why don't you.
    12. Kelly shoes fit perfectly (dont tell your Pon) but they can *cough* "share" shoes ... and most clothes

    13. Hehe I love that picture of your sweetie, imajica!

      I actually went through all my Kelly dolls and declothed (and deshoed) them <3 I spent hours trying on clothes and wondering which will fit, and squeeing over the tiny little shoes. Everybody says most Kelly clothes fit, but others are too big-- where are they too big at? Belly? Hips? Shoulders?

      I have this *adorable* little Kelly outfit; It's a Minnie Mouse dress, and is just SO cute, and it came with little white socks and black Mary-Janes. I really hope thats fits <3 Another really adorable dress I have is a tea-party dress; it's like blue and has peach flower print and a peach colored collar and ribbon around the wasit. The shoes are peach colored. I have so many Kelly clothes, I could spend all day just talking about them >_<
    14. All the dresses I have fit. She doesnt get on so well with skirts and pants, the minnie mouse one sounds adorable. Make sure you post pics
    15. Oh that's wonderful, because I have more dresses than anything else xD

      And you will regret asking for pictures, as soon as LatiDoll stocks Belle I will get her and when she arrives--- MUAHAHAA. The picture-spam starts. <3

      I can't wait to dress her like Minni Mouse, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White or Belle and take her to Walt Disney World xD
    16. I don't like the cord ties either, they are too heavy and stiff! I changed mine to 4mm silk ribbons, and they look much better. :) Also, silk shoe ribbons can coordinate better with the doll's outfit or hair ribbons.

      I have not changed my doll's eyes, so I don't remember what size they are. She wears a 3-4 inch size wig. I used a Riley Kish wig and made it smaller (painfully!), and I like it better than her LaTi wig. It has a softer look.


      P.S. The shoe photo I used is from Denver Dolls.
    17. the new Lati white fit OrientDoll to perfection too !
      so PocketFairy shoes with sock fit great
    18. I made clothes for my Petal. She's the original body. She's so flippin' cute!!!
    19. [​IMG]

      Here is a photo of the regular Lati White Laches, wearing jeans, top and shoes from the Mattel Happy Family Toddlers. Perfect fit for all.

      and here are from Left Lati White Laches SP, Orient Doll So Ui,Little Genie Lilica and Regular Lati White Laches. They are all wearing Mattel Kelly outfits.
      As you can see there is quite a variation in size of even Kelly clothes.

      Laches SP can wear the slip on type Kelly shoes shown, the ballet ones and mary janes are a bit small. Orient So can wear Kelly jelly shoes but not ballet shoes, Lilica is wearing the Kelly ballet shoes they are a little loose though and all the Kelly ones are too large for Regular Laches.


      Hope this helps for clothes and shoes for the littlies.


    20. [​IMG]
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