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Lati Yellow ~ Magnetic Hand Parts

Dec 17, 2008

    1. I need some help. Could someone tell me if I am to order a Lati Yellow, should I choose the original hand parts with strings? Or the magnetic hand parts? Which is better? Guess the magnetic ones are easier to change?

      Thanks :treecookie
    2. the magnets are quicker and easier to change
      and can make it a little easier dressing too ..
      but I prefere the strings ...I like the look of the wrist and ankle more
      and I dont like how the hands pull off so easy and the feet drive me nuts ...everytime I change the shoes
      the little feet come off

      so magnets easier to change
      but tie on ..harder to loose :D
    3. Yep on the magnets, I have that system on Puki and while I'm toting the kids around for Cancer Walks and other events I always have to look at Puki and check hands and feet (now I have 2 and waiting on the 3rd) so while it's great to pop off the hands and feet to dress them it's a pain other times. But at least you can get replacements. Felix brownies have a different system, the hands and feet pop off but it seems it not easy like the magnets to come off easy.
    4. a little tip I use I drop a tiny blob of Aileens tacky glue on the magnet ...its a white watersoluble glue

      so it wont damage the resin ...and it helps the hands ...and feet ...stop put ...untill I want to change them ,it holds the secure enough so I dont have to worry

      then just soak the hand in water ...it loosens the glue ..and then you can change the hands/feet
    5. I have heard the magnets pull off easily, I was able to get adaptors from Lati so my older girl can share some of the new magnetic hands. I think it does make it easier for dressing the Pukis, but I never had trouble with the Latis really. I ditched the string and made little tiny s hooks of wire so I could change hands easily.
      Tinybear .. thats a great idea about the glue! I will try that if I take them out anywhere
    6. Thanks for the info, everyone! I ordered magnetic hands and feet for my Lati before I read this, and I probably would have ordered string otherwise, but the tip on the glue is helpful. I am a little concerned about the look, though - I didn't realize the magnetic parts would look different ffom the non-magnetic...
    7. Question, does anyone know if the Limited HK Elf releases came with magnetic hands? I tried checking the site, but it just says that they come with 6 hand parts. The HK Elves were released after the magnetic hand parts were introduced.
    8. Oh, great tip about the glue. None of my Lati Yellows have the magnetic hands and feet - guess mine are too old!!

    9. I have a question!

      I have a little rabbit version Lati who came with magnetic as well as S-hook hand/feet parts.
      I managed to change her feet into S-hook ones after some struggle, however, the hands seem to be even more of a challenge.
      It looks like the 'bar' on the hand part is moulded too close to the 'palm' that there isn't enough room to wriggle a S-hook in...
      Does that make sense?
      Does anyone else have the same concern?
    10. I have a few questions too. I've never seen a Lati in person, so please forgive my ignorance. Is it hard to change the clothes without taking the hands and feet off? And I'm not sure what you are meaning by this "s" hook thing. Does that mean that if I wanted to change hands I can just hook on the new ones instead of restringing the whole doll (if the hands aren't magnetic)? Also, do the basic Lati Yellows come with extra hands, or are they ordered separately?
    11. Bumping. Can someone help me?
    12. I'll try to answer some of your questions:

      It really depends on the clothes on whether or not they are hard to change without taking their hands and feet off. Mine has magnetic hands and feet, I usually remove the hands for ease but I hardly ever remove the feet.

      The "s" hook is on the non-magnetic hands and feet and it just hooks in the elastic coming down the arm. You do not have to restring the entire doll to get it to work, but I've heard it's not easy...it's not like you'll want to be taking the hands on and off all the time.

      Yes, Lati yellows come with extra hands plus a pointy finger hand and a fisted hand.

      Hope this helps! :)
    13. so from what i'm reading its possible to convert a magnetic hand/foot back to the string version?
    14. Yes! BUT you need an adaptor.
      I recently begged for one in my last order from LaTi so my girls can share the special hands, they sent them with my order and now they can share.
    15. thank you lolly! I'll be sure to ask for one in my next order :)
    16. Just to mention, I ordered magnetic hand parts for my doll (which I didn't think were magnets to begin with, because they were hard to pull apart at first!)

      In the box I received 6 regular s-hook type hands (so you can swap them back if you want) and 2 spare magnet hands to swap out. It must be a struggle to swap out s-hook hands since my new Lati had chipped resin in the wrist joint and that's from the factory!


      But you don't get spare s-hook feet.
    17. So does that mean that the "V" hand and thumbs up aren't available with magnets? I still can't decide which type of hands I want to get because I want to be able to change hands, but I don't want them to just randomly fall off and have another thing to worry about. Is there not an easier way to change the string hands?
    18. They were available as both. I did not get the set of three special hands with my Angel order so I think that promo must be over (which is a shame cause the extra hands are fun!). I have both magnetic and s hook type special hands
    19. There are V as well as thumbs up hands with magnets :)
      I got some with my bunny version Lati.

      The magnetics hands don't pull off that easily...compared to my Puki anyway.

      S-hook hands aren't too difficult to change actually, since they now come with S-hooks rather so you don't have to restring.
      However, I can't seem to attach my s-hook hands onto my Lati as the 'bars' are set too close in and there is simply not enough room to wriggle the s-hook in :doh