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Lati Yellow or Green?

Mar 17, 2009

    1. My first Lati was a Yellow Lumi. My second was a Green Coco, and I adore her! I ended up rehoming my Lumi, because she was getting no love. She was just too tiny for me in the end.

      So really, it all depends on what size you think you'd prefer. Greens are almost double the height of Yellows. Both are darling. I prefer my dollies around the ~30cm mark myself, but many seem to like Yellows better. :P

      I know, I'm not much help. Really, you can't go wrong - absolute worst-case scenario, you could always sell, and put the funds towards another doll you'll love. :)
    2. Wow you're similar to me. I got a Pet Ari Bobo as my first too. Haven't had her very long and haven't done much with her either. But I'm still setting up where I want them to go etc so I expect to play with her more then. I have resolved not to get another that size though (11.2cm), it's just too tiny. Really difficult to dress.

      I'm going to get a Lati Yellow (16cm) and a Lati Green (30cm) when they reopen on 20th. I looked at a TON of pics, particularly the comparison threads because it's so hard to tell how big they really are. I picked Lati Yellow the normal size because I think it's the last size where the doll still looks 'little cute', big enough to dress but still young and very cute. Don't know if that makes sense. But even the SP in the Yellow size looks like a different age to me and has gone past that really young adorable age. I'm also getting a Green Lea to turn into an older brother. Inbetween those two I'm getting a LittleFee Ante who is a few cm shorter than the Green.
      Together they'll make up a little family.

      The Yellow and Green are both gorgeous, I guess it depends on what you want in your doll. That little child cuteness? Or the beauty of an older child? How do you want to play with them? How do you want to dress them? Answering those can help clarify what you really want. Otherwise it's really easy to just like everything you see. I know I do! haha

      I hope this helps and doesn't confuse you more! *lol*

      luv MOP...
    3. Thank you for responding so quickly guys!

      I guess I'm afraid that if I buy a Lati green or a Lati yellow and don't like it that I wont be able to get the full amount of money back. Or if I decide I want to sell her and do get the same amount of money, I wont be able to get the other one... err... did that make sense?

      I've got Blythe and a Hujoo, and I like their size, and I do like my Pet Ari Bobo's size, but she's so hard to dress sometimes!

      oh ps motherofpearlz I added you as a flickr contact. :D Your Bobo is so cute! Now I have to go home and get mine out and take pictures of her~
    4. haha thankyou! Yes I like my Bobo but she's soo tiny! Did you see they brought out the 21cm Bobo's? Basically the parents! I'm not going to get them altho they are adorable.

      I've got Pullips and Dals so they were my size I was familiar with. I think Blythe is similar to a Dal in size. There are pics on Flickr of Blythe with Lati Yellows, they seem to be a good size with Blythes and Pullips plus Lati Yellows have a sort of biggish head like our non BJD's *lol* Lati Green are the same size as a Pullip but with a more solid and realistic body.
    5. I didn't see that there are 21 cm Bobo's! That is so cool! I don't think I wanna get one though... that's be weird...

      Blythe, Pullips, and Dals are all pretty much the same size. Have you been able to find a size comarison with Blythe/Pullip/Dal and Lati yellow and green? I think I'm gonna search for that now actually.... xD
    6. >>>I didn't see that there are 21 cm Bobo's!

      They're new I think. They're cute but I want to try and not end up with too many dolls.

      >>>Blythe, Pullips, and Dals are all pretty much the same size

      Yeah Pullips are at least half a head taller. I found photos with at least 2 in the photo and just worked it out from there. A good part of our non BJD's height comes from their head. *lol*
      Lati Yellow will come up to a Pullip's stomach and a Dal's upper arm. There are also some good pics of Bobo next to a Lati Yellow on Flickr. Lati's about a head taller and has longer limbs.
    7. oooohhhh! I looked at it, it kinda looks like the Lati yellow would stand up to about Hujoo's armpit? ish? maybe?

      And I think I'm gonna have to check Nanette's height and see how much I like it and then try to imagine her as a head taller.... hmm....

      Which lati's are going to get? model wise I guess...
    8. >>>I looked at it, it kinda looks like the Lati yellow would stand up to about Hujoo's armpit?

      Yup they look good together. Look at this one >

      Which Lati's am I going to get? Lati Yellow Lumi and Lati Green Grown Up Lea (but will make her a boy).
    9. You're amazing. xD

      Ooohh... Lati Yellow Lumi is so cute! And Grown Up Lea would be adorable as a boy~

      Right now I'm leaning towards Lati Green Senny. I think I'd like the green size better.
    10. haha Why thankyou! *preens* *chuckles*

      Ohh Senny is GORGEOUS. *doh* why did I have to go look??

      They're about to release limited versions of the Green dolls. No idea what they look like yet, I wish Lati would hurry up and post pics. They're usually a lot more expensive than the basics so I don't think I'll be getting one. Still I wanna see what they look like! *lol*

      Yes I want Lea to be an intense sort of unsmiling boy and I think the Green Lea is a good fit.
    11. Another consideration is that Yellow are much easier to find clothes for, just type lati yellow into etsy and ebay and there are tons of wigs, shoes and clothes. Lati green are an inbetween size and not so easy although there are a few people on etsy now making for them. Depends if you are going to make for them or buy, if you're intending to make your clothes then you can ignore me ;)
    12. As an added bonus, Lati Yellow can actually share some shirts with Blythe :)
      Here's an example: (someone tell me if I'm not supposed to post pics of these off-topic girlies!)
    13. I only have Greens and Yellow Sp Latis, but I think they look great together.
      Both can share clothes with many different dolls, so there is no problem dressing them.
      The Greens (Coco, Ronnie and Lea) were my first Latis, since the yellow SPS weren't available when I got interested in them. I have three yellow Sp and think they make great little sisters and brothers to my bigger dolls.
    14. Thank you all so much!

      I'm not too worried about clothes, I was planning on making my own anyways. xD

      sweetiemom: Your picture is adorable! Have you found clothes that the Green line can wear, like Barbie and Ken clothes or whatever?
    15. My Green kids have mommy made, Boneka, CheeryDoll, and clothes from the Leeann dolls that fit them perfectly.
      You can see pics of my Green kids wearing a bunch of different clothes here:
    16. Ooohh Thanks Sweetiemom! I'll have to start up a wardrobe... lol
    17. I have a lati green Lea and I love her! She's such a cute pouty girl, her character is really strong and I would never sell her. But I have seen a lati yellow at meetings and those are very lovely to, and double jointed wich isn't my lea. Although my lea can pose really well and I'm never disturbed by her single joints ( while all my other dolls have double joints) I can see how you would like double joints better then single ones. Further I think the Lati's are sculpted gorgeus, a lot of detail and there body's are very pretty, I especially like my girls bellybutton XD only minus us that there resin is very shiny, but with a layer of msc that's no problem anymore.
    18. I hadn't heard about the shiny resin. But, lucky me, I have some MSC, and if you say it fixes that then I've got no problemo's! lol

      Are double joints really so special? How does not having double joints change pose ability?
    19. I really love all the Latis, but my favorite is the Lati Green. Their proportions are so lovely and you can make them look older or younger depending on their face-up. They're fun to dress and make clothes for too...small but not too small. They have a nice weight in your hands, feel substantial without being in the least bit coarse. They are well balanced, pose well and stand beautifully (even on uneven ground.) I just got a Lati Green Senny elf mod, and I faced her up very perky and young to portray my little Pokemon trainer character. She's just perfect for that, but I've seen the same mold done many different ways and with many different looks. You can really make them your own...they readily adapt themselves to so many personalities and are just plain fun to play with!