Lati Yellow Shoes??

Feb 28, 2007

    1. Can anyone tell me where they get their Lati Yellow shoes from? Other than the LatiDoll site of course and does PF shoes fit the yellows??:?

      Thanks for your time! :)
    2. Kish Riley shoes by Boneka are the best and fit perfectly, but they do cost around $20. Any 25mm shoes ought to fit, but not Tiny Betsy Mccall shoes -- her 24 mm shoes are too small and narrow.
    3. Ebay has some riley kish shoes for buy it now, normally around 5.99 and they have some great mary jane styles too!
    4. Do Princess Sara Blythe shoes fit? Those are adorable :)
    5. I've seen pocket fairies wear those so I'd have a feeling they would be too small but Lati shoes fit blythes really well...I really should break down and get a pair.
    6. Thanks everyone for the info! I will look into it more!! :)
    7. So do Blythe shoes fit Lati Yellows?
    8. The shoes blythe come with are squishy plastic ones that are too narrow, some of the wider hand made ones might fit though.

      I have bought some of the Volks WTG shoes for my bebes (the sneakers and red polka dot shoes), and also some Monique shoes and they fit nicely.
    9. The princess sara shoes are too small for lati yellow...i tried squeezing my lati's feet in but it was a no go.
    10. sorry, the blythe's shoes are ok for lati yellow??? Why i would want similar shoes (HERE)... You can help me??? Thanks!!!
    11. Oh yes they look like these blythe shoes that some ebay sellers have! I would try having a look at ebay for blythe shoes! You see those sneakers alot on blythes!
    12. Yeah those sneakers are blythe sneakers. You can get them off of a few ebay sellers.
    13. Those shoes are huge but they are very cute and they just have to cling to their ankles. I just got a pair knowing they are too big but just too cute.
    14. I think there are two sizes of the blythe sneekers - the larger size are massive for lati's but the smaller sneekers are the ones in the pics and they fit a bit loose but still cute ^____^
    15. That's actually my Lati Orion you have linked to :)

      You can get them on ebay. Just look for the MICRO size.
    16. Thank you thank you! I found them too. I like the bigger ones on Blythes but these tinier ones could be shared be a few of my dollies (including the non-bjd's)
    17. OK, I'm on the hunt now too! A question. What measurement shoes fit best on Lati Yellow, the 23,24 or 25 mm?
    18. With socks (depends on sock thickness too), 27...without 25... Riley shoes fit best, they're kinda between a Helen Kish Ellery and a Helen Kish Riley/Tulah (Tulah's feet are supposedly a hair bigger than Riley's). I think it's because lati feet are wider they can get into bigger shoes.
    19. Excellent, Thanks!