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Lati yellow sized toys? or rement?

Oct 3, 2011

    1. Hey princessess (And Prince ;3 ): )!
      I was wondering.. you know those toys you can get for doll's houses and they come in different sizes?
      (Like 1:5 scale or something like thaaat)
      Whichhh size is perfect for yellow? Is there one? Or should I just stick to rement?
      x o xox ox o x
      Edit: I know puppy in my pocket is the right siize:) but that's not like one of those toys that're sized haha
      Maybe pollypocket would work too? eeek they'd be so teeny, and cute <3
    2. What a fun thread! Re-ment's scale is 1:12, so anything in that category would work perfectly for Lati Yellows. (I noticed that in the ebay listings, the sellers often put the scale of the item. The magic ratio is 1:12). Megahouse, T for Candy and Bandai are of the same scale. By the way, Re-ment's furniture is hit-or-miss; while the gorgeous student desk they made three or four years ago was the perfect size for Lati Yellows and even Blythes, the recent furniture and student chair have turned out to be far too small:( I'd wait to see someone else's pictures of the furniture with a Lati Yellow on it or beside it before jumping in.

      Sylvanian Families furniture are a tad too small for Lati Yellows (though they could work for Lati whites), but the Sylvanian Family props - pencils, pots and pans, bottles, plates, even the oven mitts!) work quite well with Lati Yellow. The furniture can be used as a background prop (the model here is Mui Chan, who is Lati Yellow sized):

    3. Speaking of toys, if you can get hold of the Sylvanian Families doll house shop, the main building itself is a bit small for Lati Yellows, but the dollhouses themselves (and the teeny-weeny furniture they come with) are perfect for Lati Yellows! The set comes with seven miniature dollhouses...I am sure your Latis would love to have seven dollhouses to play with (model here is a Leffy, who is Lati Yellow sized, holding a miniature seat that can be put into the dollhouse. There is even a miniature toy piano!):

    4. Oh...one more thing...in case your little girls have eye problems from too much reading and studying, Bratz glasses are the perfect size for little Lati Yellow faces! (model here is Lati Yellow Lumi, looking like Abby Sciuto on NCIS):

    5. If you want to go for a larger toy, the Hallmark Kiddie Kar Klassic pedal cars are a perfect scale for LY/PKF

    6. "Hiya Princesses...." the original poster said; I'm a prince and I hope my info helps a little! :-)

      Tiny LaLaLoopsy, Littlest Pet Shop, Polly Pocket, Disney Fairies (and the tiny "polly pocket-like" princesses,) stuff will work GREAT for Lati Yellow/Pukifee. I've proven it :-)

      Littlest Pet Shop animals often come with accessories that are super cute, same with the tiny LaLaLoopsy.

      Polly Pocket stuff works BEAUTIFULLY for this size!

      Glad I found this thread! Woooo!

      EDITED: Oh, yeah. The new miniature My Little Pony (Friendship is Magic) toys work, too. Both the ponies themselves and their accessories work pretty good for the Lati Yellow/Pukifee dolls.

      Calico Critters stuff works for Pukifee/Lati Yellow, but only the accessories, NOT the toys & the houses. They're more fitted to PukiPuki or RealPuki sized dolls. But the little toys that come WITH the houses and furniture work really well! The only furniture that looks *slightly* okay is the Bathroom, and it's only really the bathtub, which is....so-so ^^;

      I have the Big Sister's Bedroom playset by Calico Critters, and it's a bigger set than the other ones for some reason. I have yet to discover if my Pukifee fits in the bed and such, though > w <

      I'll edit again once I think of more things :D
    7. Aww, haha. Thanks for being super sweet. That totally lifted my spirits, thanks~

      You know, sometimes Moxie Girl dolls' shirts fit Lati Yellow..not the pants, though...maybe the skirts. And...sometimes, Moxie Girl dolls come with tiny toys and pets.

      The tiny toys & pets that come with Moxie Girls is actually a good size for Lati Yellow, too :-)

      Monster High dolls have furniture & beds. They're not a good scale for Lati Yellow, but they're pretty good for Lati Yellow SP, which are quite a bit taller than LY. The SP's are....about 5 cm taller? :-)

      But, the accessories that come with Monster High work for LY, too!

      Pretty much, almost any toys & accessories that come with the dolls that are made by Matel work good for LY.

      I've seen the tiny ponies, by the way. They have a tiny pony, and a mini pony, and a bigger pony now. I'm wondering if the mini-pony would be a good match for LY, almost like a Shetland Pony. You could totally have your LT ride them like a Shetland Pony, how cute would that be? I almost got the Applejack one the other day. Too cute.

      When I think of more things, I'll add them, too. I seriously love tiny toys. I'm a toy photographer, so my love of toys carries out into the BJD world a lot. :P
    8. Hi everyone! :)

      I'm getting my new Pukifee Ante in the mail soon, and I want to have some toys and maybe a bed for her for when she comes home! I just wanted to see if there were any toy brands like Re-Ment that were to scale for my little girl. Where do you buy your toys from? Do you just find random things that happen to be to scale? Should I just wait for her to get home and then buy her toys? :P

      Thanks everyone! <3
    9. Hi, while waiting for my dolls I bought a lot of stuff. You should search flickr for ideas, thats perfect. Mini Lalaloopsies are "in" at the moment. My dolls also love squinkies. They are the right size too. There are so many things to find, you don't need to wait. That also shortens waiting time.:)
    10. Squinkies. lalaloopsie minis. Hallmark cars and trikes. Mini micromachines for cars and trucks. Hallmark Fisher Price ornaments.
      Try the Madeline doll beds-they are just the right size.
    11. Aww... I love the bed Sweetiemom. I have the Madeline bathroom set and it's the best! I have Squinkies, Lalaloopsy, stuff from the dollar section of supermarkets or craft stores. That's where a lot of my stuff is from. I also look out for things at flea markets...trinkets and such! You could always find stuff at flea markets or yard/garage sales that have used kid's toys. Oh, also, try the Moxie line of furniture and ikea dollhouse furniture on e*ay. I have both and it's perfect in scale to them. Most of my re-ments are kitchen related, so re-ment if you are looking for props like food or candy, etc. Hope this helps!
    12. I just got two Hallmark ornaments of Fisher Price toys I had as a kid and they haven't made it to the Christmas tree because my Pukifee Slightly loves them! One is a dollhouse which opens and has a doorbell ringer just like the original and the other is a clock which plays "my Grandfathers clock" when wound. They are so cool and authentic! If you are a child of the 70s like me you'll love them---if not at least your Pukifee will!

      I've just looked up on Google and apparently they are a collectible line!!! Oh! Must have the schoolhouse too!

    13. I have been collecting all kinds of toys for my little ones, as you can see. Re-Ment is wonderful, as well as many random tiny toys from surprise easter eggs, dollhouse things etc.

    14. My Pukifees are extremely spoiled and have quite a collection of toys including Hallmark Fisher Price ornaments, Hallmark Kiddie Car Classics (NOT the ornaments- they are Realpuki sized), Fisher Price key ring toys, Littlest Pet Shop Teensies, Lalaloopsy mini dolls, rement, old Barbie accessories, and Little Tikes doll house pieces. This photo isn't even half of the crap they have collected! :lol:
      Toys! by sea95lion is Cindy!, on Flickr
    15. Re-ments are perfect (the furniture is a bit iffy, but the little pieces are to scale), as are Hallmark Fisher Price ornaments (love that schoolhouse, sealion! I had the same one as a kid, but in full size, and I bought the ornament but it made it to my mom's tree...)

      Don't forget Sylvanian Families/Calico Critters:


      Like Re-ments, the actual furniture tends to run a tad small (better for Lati Whites and pukipukis) but the accessories are perfect for Lati Yellows and Pukifees. Here's my Leffy Sheridan (who's LY-sized) playing with the miniature dollhouses that came with the Sylvanian Families dollhouse shop (it has seven miniature dollhouses, I think, and enough furnishings to do up two of them, including a mini-mini piano).

      My little ones like to collect miniatures, too - just like their Mom!
    16. Speaking of dollhouse furniture...