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lati yellow special body's hands disappoint me...

Jun 30, 2008

    1. Hi.. .I have a question for everybody who have a lati yellow special body... I thought that even this version would have the other pair of hands with hooks other the pair of magnetic's hands. But I discover that this is just for the basic version of 16 cm. The basic special version of 20 cm don't have the others normal hand in addiction. Have just one (HUGE) pair of hand. And nothing more.

      Now, I have a question. because I never had a doll with magnets.... I wonder... due the fact that the doll's elastic are in tension... I wonder how a little magnet can keep the hands? I mean.. do you think I will have problems with these magnet's hands?
      I also think that the hooks are better because is more resistent to the elastic's tension....

      Now, Im so worry... please.. someone , tell me about these magnets' hands.. Im sure I will have problem with it...

      Im desperateeeeeeee :(((((
    2. I'm not sure if this is what you mean, but the magnetic hands aren't attached to the string in anyway. There's a flat surface at the end of her arm with metal or another magnet that the magnetic hand attaches to. So there's no tension on the hands as in regularly hooked hands. I hope I understood correctly.
    3. My Special Yellow Lumi does not have the magnetic hands, and because I was very unhappy with the large hands she arrived with, LaTi let me order a second pair of smaller hands. You should be able to order smaller hands if you would like them. I don't know if LaTi has them in the magnetic version, though.

      As Sybilla said, the magnetic hands and feet don't attach directly to the elastic stringing. There is another part that is tied on to the elastic, which contains a magnet, and the magnetic hands and feet attach to it.

      As for the magnetic hands, my newest regular size Yellow does have them, and I was not at all thrilled with how they look. I like the idea, but I despise the way the joint looks. UGG-LY! :barf I ended up removing the magentic part the hands and feet attach with, and retying on the older version of hands and feet. It means I can't use the kitty paws, but that's okay with me. The outfit and ears still work fine.

      Sabrina :kitty2
    4. thanks! so... can i ask lati to send normal hand instead of big ones? I'll try!!! But about those big hands that arrive with lati yellow basic special body, someone said that these hands have no magnets... so there's a 'S' hook or other system?? Im confused ¡!¡
    5. My Special Lumi's hands are attached with a string tied to the elastic, the same method as how the old-style of Yellow hands and feet were done.

      I would ask LaTi to send you the smaller hands instead of the large ones, if your doll is still being made. I had to order my hands separately after Lumi arrived, but they shipped fairly quickly.

      Sabrina :kitty2