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Lati Yellow- will we get a christmas 2008 release?

Nov 18, 2008

    1. I want some lati yellows :aheartbea I asked if there would be a christmas release and this is the reply I got:

      Dear Cassandra,

      We do not have any firm decision on releasing X-mas edition. As soon as we arrange, we will post the specific content on it.

      Thank you.


      I then saw about 5 or 6 messages asking the same question, but couldn't see the answers as they were password locked. If anyone gets new/better news, let me know! :) I'm making up my christmas list and I'm hoping to put a special version Miel on it, I know she/he is so popular in the Valentine/Mystic/Sorceress versions so I'm really hoping they'll release one!
    2. It'd be nice if they at least restocked their dolls...it seems like it has been forever!
    3. Yeah, for sure! I'd be happy with a restock too :)

      When it says restocking, does that mean the dolls are already made and ready for shipment when available? Or that they are still in the process of filling old orders and will make new ones when they are finished with those?
    4. I believe restocking means they are producing a certain quantity for sale.
    5. I want a BYURL so bad :D
    6. I'm crossing my fingers for more special tanned yellows...however, I'd also be happy with just a regular restock, too. I'd like one more yellow and possibly a white. :)
    7. oooooh i've been hoping for that too. I want a miel next as well, to be my little imo's (cookie) older brother.

      They restock every 3 or 4 months I think... a few times a year. The restock period basically means that they open and allow orders until a certain date. Its not limited by number as far as I can tell.

      I really really hope they do a special christmas release. that would be so great!
    8. so which means if they put sold out means, no more open or they still accept orders??
      me want to get miel...but plan to get in dec unless i can get one from doa.
    9. i thought sold out meant they would never be available again..?
    10. when it says "sold out" like under the sleeping yellows or the limited and special editions it means that they will not be restocked (probably ever)

      when it says "preparing restock" it means that they will be restocking that item (or doll) some time in the future, probably during the next order period
    11. Lati posted this today:

      [ 2008-11-21 ] Notice on the event on Nov. and Dec.
      Hello, this is Lati.
      We appreciate for your love on the previous event of 3rd anniversary. We prepared some event and restocks with the grateful mind. Here's the detail.

      November 28th- Release of Coco, Lea, and Miel Limited Vampire ver.

      December 8th - Release of Yellow Christmas ver. ,Restocking White, White Sp, Yellow, Yellow Sp, Green, Blue Basic ver.

      * The Yellow hand parts which will be restocked and released afterwards are changed to the general hand parts, not the magnetic parts. (Therefore, you could change the hand parts more easily using S shaped hook.)

      *The customers who want the magnetic hand parts can choose the option of it. Otherwise the general ones will be given.

      Christmas event

      Event 1

      The customers who purchase Latidoll will be presented the desk calendar of Latis by order of arrival.
      One calendar is provided to one person regardless of the amount of the dolls you order.
      (The calendar is limitedly produced and can be finished without a notice.)

      Event 2

      We will give you 3 set of Yellow, Yellow Sp. hand parts, the event gift of 3rd anniversary, to the customers who purchase the doll on Nov. and Dec. by the order of arrival.
      (Since the Yellow hand parts were produced at 100 set, and Yellow Sp. hand parts were arranged to 50 set, they can be ended without any notice.)
      It is general hand parts, not magnetic ones.

      Event 3

      For those who buy White, White Sp, Green, Blue, Red, the specially designed wig will be given. The photos of wig will be posted soon, and they are made 50 each by the line. It also can be finished earlier.

      * Since all the events are first arrival served at the limited amount, they can be ended earlier without any notice.

      *First arrival means the one who make payment first. Even though the one order first and pay late will not be given the event gift. Please remind this.
    12. I wonder what they mean by christmas version?? I hope they are tans!!
    13. Yay! Lati answered my prayers :) I just saw the news thread and came here to post about it and saw I was beaten to it.
      I can't wait to hear more about what the christmas specials will be and see some photos of the vampire versions!
    14. well looks like Im safe again !!
      as long as its not tan ....all I want is a tan Lea now ...and Im being firm with myself

      Unless the Christmas version is tan ? :D
    15. Have they done a vampire of the yellow size before? I hope they have the dreamy half-closed eyes! :D I know I asked for a half closed eye Miel so I *hope* that she/he comes around for this holiday and I'm able to snap her/him up fast enough, or that the sale is time limited instead.
    16. what they have done in the past ...and this is speculation ...but what they did in the past
      was release the limmited editions ...lts around 50

      Elf Lea/Elf Coco..with a sleeping head
      Elf Byrul ....these sell out very quickly
      Lea and Coco were gone within the hour , Byrul took a day or so
      .then a couple of weeks after they bring out the Specials ...these are supposed to be around for a month

      but the tan and the kitty sold out sooner ...so they close the sale ..my advice would be ..if you want one ...make sure you order ...you never every know when they are going to sell out
      or if they will ever be back again

      The Valentines have never been back ...so you never know
    17. Little vampires? That sounds so cute...
    18. what time of day do they open up for ordering?
    19. I'm not sure morganannie, hopefully they will make another announcement soon letting us know. :)

      thanks for the input on the way things were run in the past tinybear! it is very helpful and I will prepare to be poised to press *buy* on my computer!! :D
    20. Does anyone know, from previous years, whether or not they post pictures of the new versions before they go on sale? I'm the type who takes a while to make a decision (I've already gone back and forth between Coco and Miel, tanned skin or normal, a hundred times) and I'm little nervous that I'll have to make one in about 30 seconds!