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LaTi yellows ~ Basic vs Basic Sp.

Oct 13, 2008

    1. Hey, newbie here. To this forum...not the dolls. I have two BJDs (a Soah and a Narsha) but have been looking into getting a child tiny lately.

      After much searching, I ran across LaTi doll and am now COMPLETELY in love with their yellow line.

      But here's my question to LaTi yellow owners: I can't decide between the basic and the basic sp. bodies. The basic looks to have a super cute compactness that is totally adorable but how small are they really? They look like they might be too small to really do anything with. I like the basic sp. size in the photos - they look more poseable - but they don't seem to be quite as cute. Anyone have the Basic sp. size and want to comment on this point?

      Additionally, I find myself paralysed with indecision about which one(s) to buy. I like Lami, Lumi and Lea. I keep thinking I want to get Lumi but Lami is so freaking adorable :aheartbea. And then part of me just wants to get them ALL. Of course that could get really expensive, fast.

      Ahh! Somebody help me decide.
    2. I don't have any latis *yet* hehe, but I do know that my favorites have changed over the two months I have been looking at them. So if I was you, I'd start with one and then look at them all the time (hint, go to flickr.com and type in latidoll, you'll be busy for hours).
    3. I have had both sizes, and ended up selling my SP size lati because I did not like the body. I LOVE the "squished down" look of the 16cm lati yellows. They are cute cute cute and you can find soooo many clothes for them that you can't for SPs. The SP is a bit easier to pose imho but I think the 16cm is more fun to play with, if that makes sense.

      As for the mold, you gotta go with whatever appeals to you ;) My favourite is Lea.
    4. I have three of the Yellow SP kids, and I love them..they look so perfectly proportioned with my Lati Greens.

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    5. Well now I am kind of leaning towards the basic. I guess at least the bodies should be interchangeable if I change my mind.

      Now my question is this, does anyone have a Narsha AND a basic yellow? I am curious how they look next to her. Is it an odd match or do the yellows just look like toddlers next to her (vs the sp as maybe a 3 or 4 year old)?
    6. I kinda like the Lati Yellow as the larger head looks more baby like.


      (of course the Lati white looks cute too- especially little vamp family)


      But pocket fairies are my all time favorite!

    7. Here is a comparison pic of my Lati Yellow SP and my Basic Yellows, along side of my Jaimiedoll Adonis 18cm.

    8. I personally LOVE the basic size just cause they are perfect to take everywhere! But if you wanted to have a big sis or a big bro then the SP would be fun too
    9. I've had both the basic and SP dolls, and it seems like the charm of the dolls was lost with the larger SP body. I also didn't care for the proportions of the SP body -- the legs are too long and a bit chunky for the torso. It fits Riley dresses (not pants) but shoes are difficult to find. On the other hand, clothes for the basic size are easy to find and they fit Riley shoes, a real plus since there are so many cute ones. Sometimes I think about getting a doll just to wear my Riley shoes.
    10. I just bought a Yellow w special body - I'm curious abuot these Riley dresses - never heard of that line... any links/info?? Thanks!
    11. I like the basic yellow body more because its compact and cute.
    12. Great pics!! I love the 2 boys together, so sweet. :)

    13. Riley is a 7.5" vinyl doll by Helen Kish. There are lots of dresses available on Ebay. Pants usually don't fit, though, and the shoes fit the renewal Lati yellow, not the Sp.
    14. Great pictures!
      I love Lati dolls!:fangirl:
    15. Good to know, thanks so much :) I know what I'm researching this afternoon...as if Ebay hasn't captured enough of my pennies this year :P
    16. The SP has double-joints. Do the basics too?