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LatiBlue Dolls

Jan 9, 2009

    1. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, I wasn't exactly sure where to put this.

      I've been looking for a more mature looking MSD boy, and I have heard a lot of people recommend looking into the latiBlue dolls. I've seen some pictures of them and I think I really like the way they look!

      I tried doing a google search for LatiBlue BJDs though, and I haven't really been able to come up with anything. I was trying to find their website. Does anyone have a link to it or a link to another site that sells them?

      Also, I would love to see what people have done with their lati boys, so I would love if people posted some pictures too. So show off those boys! :love

      And lastly, maybe list some pros and cons of the dolls? What do you like about them? What do you wish was different about them? How are their bodies (detailed, pose ability, resin quality... etc)?
    2. Probably your problem in googling "LatiBlue" is that they are Latidoll Blue dolls. We have a discussion thread on the here: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=53659
      And the company website is here: http://latidoll.com/

      And I know, personally, I love my Lati Blue boy. Of my four boys I think he is my second best poser (after the Domuya flexi-body) and, as my first mini, he's my lightest doll, at only around 1 1/2 pounds. I can just go on and on about how much I love the sculpting of the Latidoll, especially the hands. thothep has some problems keeping his knees double-bent (upper side of knee joint adjusts easily, lower side snaps back to straight). But the double-joints in his elbows work beautifully. I do wish there was more movement in the waist/body joint, and if it were a three part body that would have been fabulous.
      Another problem people hit is getting them clothes, they are taller and buffer than other mini-range dolls, so they don't fit a lot of the clothing.

      Now, admittedly, my boy is distinctly different from other Lati Blues as I've dyed him... and somehow I don't really have many good pictures of just him, but here's thothep:
      definitely not a childish sculpt, and he's the stylish body...

      Surrounded by my larger boys he just looks petite... but he's 5000 years older than the humans (nearly that for the dragon, too) and humans were shorter back then.
    3. blackcat87 - Did you notice that there's a Lati Blue boy, Rucas, for sale in the DoA marketplace?
    4. Thank you thothep, your boy looks great!

      And no Immarre, I had no idea, I hope hes still there, that's actually the boy that caught my eye. I saw a picture of someone elses and loved him. Thanks for letting me know!

      Lets see some more pictures here and get some more input!!!
    5. So I am looking at their site now and it seems hard to navigate. I dont like how it doesn't show their measurements or prices or any kinds of details like that. I know the lati blu boys are 43cm, but I would like to know more.

      I don't really like the faceup on the basic Rucas, but the one on the special Rucas looks pretty nice. I dont know what the "special" Rucas is though, what does that mean? I have so many questions about thses dolls, but the site doesn't look very descriptive, I am starting to get a little discouraged :(
    6. Actually, the measurements are all in the FAQ area on their site (Blue line A/B type body)... and the Blue boys are 46 cm tall, not 43.
      I think Special versions are limited release, but you could probably build a face close to that through their Premium make-up service.

      Of course, the number don't show you just how muscular these boys are... thothep has as large a biceps as my friend's Bobobie 60cm boy.
    7. Yeah, I checked the FAQ area earlier today and it just showed pictures of the body, not the actual measurements, but I found the pricing and measurements for them anyway :)

      Unfortunately the special version I really liked is sold out, but I guess they will be coming out with more in February. I hope they look the same or similar to the ones displayed now, and if they do look different they will post new pics!

      I wonder how much more the special edition ones cost compared to the basic version though since they come with full outfits and everything.
    8. Actually, it says 46 cm, but that's naked and wigless - and even then depends on how you measure him. I find that my boy comes closer to 49 cm when wigged and clothed.

      The special version you're looking it is simply a slightly darker skin tone - there's no difference between the sculpts. But personally, my basic Rei is only a shade or two lighter than the Lati tan (when I compared them), so the difference isn't that big. (I seem to remember the last batch of special tanned Blues was about $450?)

      If you don't like the basic face-up, you can order a premium one! You can chose blush, eyebrows, eyelashes, tattoos... and possibly something else, I don't quite remember.

      Well... I don't own a Rucas, because I wanted a smile-y boy, but I've got my Rei on a B-type body, the less muscular one... and I'm simply in love with it! The sculpting is absolutely amazing - and he looks very regal and proud when standing (boy, is he a good stander!).

      I've got similar complaints to thothep - clothes, especially pants, are really tricky to find. Shirts tend to fit him, but his waist and hips are very thick. He knees are kind of snappy, but I have a feeling that might have something to do with the stringing as well as sculpt. I've also had issues with the limited poseability of his torso - he only has a waist joint, and sometimes that's not enough - though there's nothing to interrupt the lovely sculpting. (He also can't wear the underwear I've got - it manages to get eaten by that low joint and then he can't bend at all!)

      But they're very lovely and mature dolls. The sculpting is amazing! I've got two shoots here on DoA, and also two extended sets - here and here.
    9. Well, I don't actually complain about the clothing thing myself... as I don't buy clothing, I make it all (and I am getting my patterns sized right for the Blues to start selling clothes for them). That blue shirt I scaled the pattern down based on the chest measurement, and the arms actually are pulling at the seams. To see a comparison, I scale human patterns for doll clothing: Dollshe 28%, SD 25%, other minis ~20%, Lati Blue boy 22% (leg and arm length has to be increased for all, of course)

      But I do complain about the waist joint, it has less movement than my Elfdoll's... and he's on the old, short body (and compared to the other two who have three part torsos), in fact, before I sueded it it had no movement. And you can just imagine how much fun it was when I couldn't get the brat to wear anything but a loincloth.

      And I hear you on the smile part, Lelite, all my dolls smile. thothep always looks either happy or confused.
    10. Lelite, I just have to say you have done such a good job with your Rei. His outfit is so beautiful and detailed and it suits him so well! Those sunset beach photos look amazing, he looks like a little explorer who has found new land!

      If the only difference between the special edition and the basic is that the special has a darker skin tone, then you're right, I should just get a premium one!

      Has anyone here ever ordered a premium faceup before? It says on the page displaying Rucas not to check off the faceup option, do you just tell them what you want in a memo? Im not really sure how you would go about ordering a premium faceup...

      Sorry I have so many dumb questions, but I want to make sure I get the perfect boy!
    11. There's a separate link to the Premium Make-up service (black box to the right), and instructions at the top of that page how to fill it out.

      (Not that I'll likely ever use anybody's make-up/face-up service.)
    12. Oooh duh, I swear I am blind sometimes! Thanks Thothep youre a big help, and that discussion thread you linked here has so much useful info!