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LatiBlue Head, KD Luts Body - Will it fit

Nov 30, 2008

    1. My first doll is on its way - A KD Hodoo. I'm looking to get another head to test faceup on, and while a secondhand KD head would seem more reasonable, I want a likeable and different sculpt so that eventually when I perfect faceup I can have 'two dolls' that share a body.

      So my question is, would a LatiBlue head (Ryu/Rucas) fit on a KD Boy body? If not, what are the exact sizes of the neck / neck hole?
    2. I have a Lati Rei and my KDF Bory boy should be arriving soon.... I can try and see if I could take some pictures for you.

      I have a feeling the Lati body has a thicker neck, so I don't know how good a Lati head would look on a KDF body... Not to mention, I think the resin match would be off since Luts has a really pale pinkish NS while Lati's is darker and orange-ish.
    3. I'll agree with Lelite... after comparing my Rei head with my BF Niky... which has been tested for fit on a Kid Delf boy. The Lati looks to be a somewhat larger neck hollow than the BF... and the BF fit almost perfectly. Admittedly, my Lati is strung tight enough I don't take his head off if I can avoid it so it's a rough judgement.

      The Kid Delf I tried the BF on was as saturated a hue as the BF, but a much more yellow tone, the Lati is slightly more yellow than my BF, and noticably paler (which makes it easier to shade to match).
    4. Okay, so I have no pictures but here are my first impressions:

      The Lati neck is much thicker than the KDF one. Probably at least 1 cm difference in circumference. Proportionally, the head would fit fine but you're risking a big gap between the head and the neck. I can't tell for sure because I can't manage to take off my Rei's head (he's strung really tightly D=).

      Also, resin match. My Rei is from the June 2008 batch, and he's a lot darker and peachier than my Bory, who's rather pale and rosy... Maybe with significant blushing you can hide the difference, but there's a visible difference. However, the catch is that I happen to have bits of dolls from Lati's other batches - one is an Aida head from... whenever they released their Aida's, and another is an additional foot (which I requested because one of Russel's feet was looking... shady) from early September - and they are a much closer match. Especially the Aida head, which, under artificial light, seems almost identical. (By the way, all of these are NS, and as far as I know, none of them are yellowed)
    5. the lati girls should be able to fit a KDF body. I don't know from experience, but I've seen KDF + Unoa hybrids and Lati + Unoa hybrids so I assume they're relatively the same size. if that's true then there is no way the Lati Blue boy heads will fit on the KDF body without modification. the Lati boy body's neck is thick and so the neck hole will need to be made smaller with clay.
    6. Here's a LatiBlue Rei head on a Volks MSD body-- which is a little chunkier than the Kid Delf, but has the same proportions when it comes to the length of arm and torso.


      It looked pretty weird because the head is so small.