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Latidoll basic Nill & Irene - human versions!

Mar 18, 2009

    1. Not very happy with Lati, only a month ago did they say they don't have a plan to release Nill human version... But it's good that everyone who missed the special releasse can now get these lovely dolls.
    2. Awwwwww! Nill is so cute! I never gave him a good look in his first version since I don't need a limited long eared elf. I'm glad they released him as a human. :chocoheart
    3. Not sure if this is the right place, but anyhow I'm glad for the release of the human versions. I bought an Aida last December, and I had no idea who to pair him up with--the Lati heads are rather small. Irene will be wonderful since I wanted a human girl, not an elf.
      I was looking at her body and she's quite petite, only 55 cm tall. Her body reminds me a little bit of Musedoll's, but not quite as stylized... she has a little bit of tum-tum and curvier legs. Gosh, this is rare for me but I really like her as a whole doll!
    4. Yeah, I'm not 100% sure if this is the right place either. I was tempted to start a new Lati Red Line Basic thread since these guys are different from the old ones(where is the lati red line basic thread? I can't find it but I could've sworn there was one.)
    5. =x Now there's the basic versions for Nill and Irene!
    6. I like the basic version of Nill more than the special. : D The less girly make-up makes him look really cool-- he kind of resembles a grown-up Rei, yet also a younger L. Cute! The basic outfit for the girl is so nice, too.

      For anyone looking for body photos and some posing of the girl, you can see them in the FAQ. They put it up a little while ago.
    7. How tall is this boy? I'm interested in buying him.

      EDIT: I'm retarded. I answered my own question when I went to check up on that mould.
    8. According to the Large Doll Measurement Chart Sticky at the top of this sub-forum Latidoll Red boys are 63cm tall. :)
    9. I must get this girl--someone's going up for sale tomorrow :daisy
    10. I really like how Basic Irene looks, with the right faceup she can be glamourous too, but I really love how innocent looking she looks right now.