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Latidoll- Basic Version of Special Red Line Dolls Released

Mar 18, 2009

    1. You can see them here.

      Discussion thread here.
    2. Oh great! Does basic Irene have human ears or elf ears--I couldn't tell from the pics. Thanks :)
    3. LisaMarie>> Lati Basics, with the exception of Pury and Latches, all have human ears. ;)
    4. sorry- I get the 404 error when I click the link- Is this just me?
      edit : I get the following if I type the site manually:
      º≠πˆ ¡°∞À¡fl¿‘¥œ¥Ÿ.
      ∞ º≠∫ÒΩ∫ ¿Á∞≥ ∞°¥…«œµµ∑œ «œ∞⁄Ω¿¥œ¥Ÿ.

      anyone know what that means?
    5. I think their server is down for the time being.
    6. Yeah, unfortunately the server is down.

      I did save the pics for the new guys though:

      Nill is priced at $410 and Irene at $380! =D
    7. Red line dolls are SD-sized, right? I'm not really familiar with Lati sizes...

    8. Yes. The Red-Line is SD dolls.
    9. I see a different type of hand mechanism- or are they hooks?
    10. Red-Line is SD dolls? :S I do not understand the sizes in that house
    11. Means they're around 60cm tall.