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Latidoll Blue head on another body

May 14, 2006

    1. I don't know if it goes here. ^^;
      For people who were wondering about LatiDoll Blue heads on another body... here's my Cara head with an old skin MSD boy body. The neck fits perfectly (though it looks a little too thick for a girl ;_; ), and the resin colors are very similar.

      Hope it helps some of you to get an idea. ^^

    2. Thank you Nienna for showing a pic of Cara on another body. It looks like a great match. I'd love to have the Cara head, but I don't care for the more mature body she comes with. I wish they sold heads and bodies separately with different versions (mature and immature) of them to choose from. Mix and Match bjd's would be great. I'd like to see the Cara head on a Luts body as well to see how the resin matches. I like their little boy/girl bodies. They are similar to the Volks MSD's I believe.

      Thanks again, Tammy
    3. this is really interesting, thanks! I'd love to see them on less mature bodies too.
    4. Now you have me wondering if Cara would look good on a SoulKid body. Next time I see my friend the_lost_lamb I'll try her Cara head on my SoulKid body. I also dislike how mature the Blue body is, it just wouldn't fit in with the other mini's I have planned.
    5. I have try to put Cara on Unoa body... it fit well too ^^
    6. I've got my Cara head on a DoC Bee-A body, and she looks like she belongs there. The head fit perfectly on with no gaps around the neck, and since her head is exactly the same size as a DoC head (well, the same size as my Too, anyway..) it is perfectly proportinate to the body. Also! The resin match is *perfect*. I didn't have to blush the body or repaint the head or anything, it was a perfect match. I can throw up pictures, if anyone is interested. :D
    7. Bumping this old topic. I really want to see some more pictures, particularly blue boy heads on other bodies, and I don't think there's a newer thread about that, is there? (Sorry if I'm mistaken!)