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Latidoll Blue Line, Cara, Compatibility Lists + Some other questions

Apr 17, 2007

    1. Hi All,

      I'm thinking of getting Cara, the beau from Latidoll Blue Line. :) However the choice of their clothes, shoes, and wigs are very limited :...( Anyone can suggest me which company that offer relatively affordable clothes, shoes, and wigs that can fits nicely on Cara? :( From the comparison picture with other dolls , i can see that Cara is relatively 'more curvy' and smaller build than other doll - hence most of the general clothes will not fits nicely on her.

      And also, anyone have feedbacks on Latidoll face up? Is the face up as good as the sample on the webiste? How about the coating of the face up?

      I read that Latidoll skin get stained very easily with dark colour fabric / wig. Will coating the dolls with MSC solve the problem?

      Thanks a lot :D
    2. also Lati provided a chart: http://latidoll.com/2007_en/index.htm?mode=faq&num=24

      it looks like Cara can wear clothes that fit MNF and Unoa and shoes that fit Unoa. I'll be able to give you more info about the face up in a couple of days, but people have said they are top quality. I don't know if MSC will solve the problem, but I would wash everything that might stain before you put them on your doll. hope this helps.
    3. Cara wears a 6-7" wig according to Lati. it says MSD wigs will not fit and her wig size is 6.5-7".
    4. thanks a lot for the feedbacks, it's certainly helps a lot =D
    5. Sure, waiting for the feedback! :aheartbea

      You getting yern? :D

      Someone told me washing e dark stuffs that might stain your beau with vinegar will solve the problem. But isn't it going to be smelly?*_*
    6. http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=132268

      Those are my pictures of my Yern. Her faceup is beautiful. I keep staring at it and wondering how they got those lines so fine. Her eyebrows, which is my pickiest part when it comes to faceups, are gorgeous, nice and feathery. Her lips have very subtle lining, and they did paint well under her lower lip, perhaps to alter her expression, because she doesn't look as pouty as other Yerns. If you like the style, then I think you should go for it! I thought it was well worth the $50 I paid for the premium faceup. Although if you want things like smokey eyes or a specific color, I'm not sure if you can request it (like if you want turquoise eyeshadow.)

      I don't know about vinegar. I washed her jeans in vinegar after I bleached them because I heard that bleach could continue eating through fabric unless it was neutralized. It was stinky so I febreezed them and because I do'nt like the febreeze scent, rinsed with fabric softener.
    7. thanks for the review =D so you actually go for custom make up? How long they take before sending your beau? is the tension okay? Do you do additional coating for it?
    8. oh yeah how is the resin? =D
    9. the resin is very nice. I had a DOD before and I think her resin is nicer. It's a yellowish peach color in the normal skin. I thought the DOD was beautiful when I had him but now that I compare, her resin is prettier and less plasticy. People have said that their Lati's were shiny in pictures, but I don't have that problem. In fact, I think her face has a very attractive glow. Like in this picture. I didn't touch up her pictures at all, I only resized or cropped them in PSP. She is normal skin and I definitely couldn't compare it to the luminous quality of french resin, but she does have a degree of translucency, especially around the thinner areas like her fingers and her nose. The texture is not entirely smooth, sort of like the inside of my wrist so it has a nice patina. On close examination, her shoulder joint has a bit of shine on the ball, probably from rubbing. She has not been sanded but her seam lines aren't very noticeable. I will probably sand her when I take her apart for blushing and sueding.

      She stands very very well, probably because Lati recently improved the Blue girl body, and she has double jointed elbows. I wish she had the magnetic hip joint that the Blue boys have. She is strung very very tightly. her head connects to the body with an O shaped ring, probalby the circumference of my pinky finger tip. It looks like if I turned that ring 90 degrees I could slip her head off, if she wasn't strung so very tightly. She is sort of kicky but I don't know if that has to do with her locking knees. I'm hoping it is just the stringing so I can achieve slouchier posing. Her arm elastic is also very tight and her double jointed elbows like to curl up so she either crosses her arms or locks them straight but if I pose her her arms have a nice amount of poseability. Her hands and feet are attached to the elastic with lanyard clips. She has a torso joint that is useful for leaning side to side but doesn't do much as far as curving her back forward or backward. Upon further inspection her lower torso piece has an extention that goes inside her to the middle of her chest. I'm not sure if stringing will improve that. I don't really need her to be able to curl her back, and the jointed torso certainly lends more poseability than dolls that have a solid torso.

      As far as shipping time, I ordered a Basic Yern with a custom face up. No wig or clothes. I ordered 3/24, recieved payment confirmation 3/25, got my shipping notice 4/16 and I recieved her 4/18. Note that there are other people who ordered before me, although they did order acessories. Lati will temporarily stop accepting basic doll orders on the 21st, so if you are ready to order I would do it asap. I think Korean time is almost a whole day ahead of us.

      I hope this helps!
    10. Yeah, I saw the review that said it looks shiny and plasticky. Glad to hear your review *very releaved*

      I saw the notice about the renewal. I decided to wait until mid June for the newer range though. Cuz this 21st is a bit too early for me as i dont have enough savings yet. The earliest I can buy is somewhere May. So mid June is just nice =D

      Your yern is very pretty =D Glad that she found a good home ^^
    11. Just happened to browse thru your thread,

      I personally owned Latidoll Cara and DOD dolls. I felt that the resin color of cara really give a good picture in photography when compared to DOD. You will get a more fleshy color.

      Latidoll new Blue line stand very well. The only tradeoff which I felt, is that the stting pose is not so versatile, quite restrictive.

      BTW I think Latidoll is closing some of the basic doll order today.

      Hope that these additional points will contribute to decision making for getting dolls.. Enjoy

    12. Re staining - all resin dolls can stain. http://www.denverdoll.com/ sells silicone wig caps that can be worn under wigs. For clothing, don't leave your doll in dark clothing. I always put my mini in something white when I am done playing.

      Your doll's face will already be coated, but wigs can stain MSC and some stains don't come off easily. MSC'ing the body would help prevent staining the resin (but the MSC can still get stained and bad stains may go through it). To MSC the body you need to disassemble the doll, clean and dry the parts, spray outside and hang to dry. Then reassemble.

      I don't do it - I just try to use thin light clothes under dark clothes, or only leave the dark clothes on briefly. The worst dark clothes for staining are natural fabric and dyed fabrics, Sometimes synthetics are dyed but often the color is locked in the fabric threads.