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Latidoll closing orders for Green-Blue-Red (14 OCT)

Oct 10, 2007

    1. On LATI WEBSITE news:

      [ 2007-10-10 ] Close Green/Blue/Red Basic ver. dolls

      Hello, this is Lati.

      First of all, thank you for your concer about our second
      anniversary event. =)

      We will close Green/Blue/Red Basic ver. dolls
      on 24:00(KST, midnight) 14th October, so please
      make an order before the time.

      Take care. =)

      from: http://www.latidoll.com/2007_en/index.htm?mode=notice&num=156

    2. Does this mean that the Green/Blue/Red dolls will no longer be available after Oct 14th, ever again? Or is it only a temporary shut-down? Or will they still be available as full-set versions or parts?
    3. I would say it's probably just like last time...a temporary closing so that they can get caught up on shipping out this most recent batch of orders. The date corresponds with the time period given for shipping.