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Latidoll Free Head Event

Sep 12, 2008

    1. Just saw this update on Lati:

      [ 2008-09-10 ] How to order the 3rd Anniversary free head & hand parts.

      Hello, this is Lati.

      From 12th of September, we give one more head to those who purchase White Sp, Green, Blue, Red Line of Limited and Basic dolls.
      Please leave a message when you make payment which skin (White or Normal skin) you prefer to have. If you do not mention it, we will send you the normal skin head.

      (Exception: No choice of skin color of Pury, Kong : white skin, Laches :tanned skin.)

      Besides, please type ‘adding extra head makeup’ on the option of payment page, if you want to have additional head being makeup.
      (Basically, the anniversary free head is not coming with the eyes and makeup when you do not request.)

      We provide 3 hand parts to those who purchase Yellow and Yellow Sp. ver dolls. To select the white skin color of hands parts, please click the option, 'white skin for event hand parts' on the description page. (If you do not check, normal skin will be sent.)

      *Eyes, wigs of Green doll, and outfits are updated.

      Thank you.
      Have nice day.
    2. Update:

      [ 2008-10-30 ] End of the 3rd Anniversary event
      End of the 3rd Anniversary event

      Hello, this is Lati.
      We are appreciating for our customers having been interested in the Lati’s 3rd Anniversary on September and October.
      We close the event on October 31.
      If you postponed placing an order, please order until October 31 to get another head for event gift.
      Have a nice day.