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LatiDoll Green Line discussion part 2

Jul 23, 2011

    1. have at it!

      please remember to only post 1 or 2 pictures.

      Also, please remember there is to be no sales or splits discussion.

      Most importantly of all, be kind and have fun! WOOT!

      have a hammy

      ...Mod note....

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      LatiDoll Green What fits?

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      Latidoll Green discussion part 1:

      Latidoll Green discussion part 2:
    2. I will kick off this new Lati Green thread with a photo of my Lea, Madison, and her sister Nora (a rare instance of them getting along n__n)
    3. SporeXP: Awww, they are so cute together! Love the pic of Maddy and her mini Blythe too! Awesome that we made it to thread two.
    4. Thanks so much! Maddy has been sneaking her way into many scenarios lately. n__n
    5. Hey guys,
      Maddy and I have been working hard to create a series of photostories based on our cottage vacation together!
      You can view them here:
      Lots of green spammage :)
    6. SporeXP, thanks so much for the heads up about Maddy's photostories of her fabulous cottage vacation. I would certainly have hated to miss anything that cute!:)
    7. Aw that's so sweet of you to say! I am glad you enjoyed them!
    8. Hey, I was wondering if anyone has tried Blythe clothes on Lati greens? Are they too chunky or would it work?
    9. Nope, Lati Green is too chunky for Blythe clothes.
    10. Curses. Foiled again!
    11. I got a shipping notice today for the LG body I have ordered for a Reina head I purchased here on the MP. Another Lati Green . . they are like potato chips . . . I really thought all I wanted was one! (and Reina makes 4).

      One my pre-semester prep dies down I should try and get pictures of the 3 as they are now -- Rufus, Pippa and my tan Teru whom I have named Peter (not sure it suits him but until I think of something else . . .. )

      Does anyone else have any spam?

      BTW SporeXP, how is Maddy?
    12. Oh awesome, so many Lati Greens for you! You have to post them~ So far I have not been bitten by the big, but if I were to get another green I think it would be a Coco.
      Maddy is great, thanks for asking! We are getting ready for the convention next week and are super excited! So good luck with the prep, maybe the next set of picspam you post will have an appearance from her in it! Plus my cousin's first doll shipped today, and along with this doll are some surprises for her so be on the lookout for that soon (she is going to have a totally different look so hopefully it works!)
      I always have spam if you are asking for it. XD This time I suppose it is not the traditional sort though. I tried out stop motion for the first time yesterday using my dolls (with Maddy as the star, of course). Keep in mind it is my first try but if you want to have a look you can do so here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LJZ1ZegcpA
    13. I watched your video, SporeXP -- very nice! I always have wanted to try something like that with my dolls but have no idea how it would be done. (Although my nephew is a film student and is absolutely dying to get his hands on my dolls for the same reason).

      Do you think Maddy will be able to deal with her stardom. . . . once it comes? LOL!
    14. Thank you! I am going to have to try again some other time, even making a video that short takes quite a while, and I made quite a few errors. It would be really cool to see what a film student could do with your cuties!
      lol Maddy is full of herself already, it can only get worse... XDD
    15. Reina's body arrived today (boy that sounds weird! only in this hobby, LOL!). I have a pretty busy next few days but I'll try to make time for some pictures -- once I figure out what she will be wearing, of course. She can't be introduced to the dollie world nekkid!
    16. Congratulations! I look forward to meeting her. =)
    17. SporeXP: Love the cute stop motion video. Madison is darling in it! spensers_mom: can't wait to see your Reina, she's a really cute mold.
    18. Finally had a spare minute to take a photo -- it isn't a good one but it will do for now.

      So here they all are:


      Rufus (my first, a WS Teru) is in the back with Pippa (my Lea). In the front are Peter (my tanned Teru) and Molly (my Reina - not sure Molly will be her final name yet).
    19. Oh, spensers_mom, they are so precious! What a cute family! Your new addition is so pretty, makes me want more greens! lol
      Here's a random silly photo of Maddy. I got her restrung when I was at a convention last week so her legs aren't as crazy haha:
    20. What a nice family you have! They really look cute all together.