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Latidoll - [ Halloween Limited Sorceress - Miel]

Oct 29, 2005

    1. I just found they posted a notice about new
      BJD for Halloween.


      Hello, this is Lati

      Release a brand-new BJD named Sorceress Miel
      In commemoration of Halloween on 19:00 October 31st.

      You can order it on menu “Limited” of Yellow Line.

      She is available only 30 for world-wide.

      thank you, take care.

    2. Oh! She's too adorable! And only 30 worldwide - I hope someone on this forum gets her, because I can't quite afford her myself :oops:
    3. sooo cute! *_*
      I love Miel ! Oh and this outfits! :D
    4. Is the lati shin a match to volks skin in color?
    5. Doh! I'd thought Miel was a pretty name or partial name for a doll ('honey' in spanish? no?)
      but I hadn't gotten a new doll, and now that name will be synonymous with someone else...*sniff* I love the little outfit, she's verry cute ^^
    6. Sold out too fast!!

      But she is beautiful....*regret*