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Latidoll Imitations Notice

Oct 25, 2006

    1. I was just on lati's site and they have a notice up about someone doing imitations of Adel.

    2. Wonder if Lati will try to take legal action against them, anyone know if that's going to happen soon? Edit: anyone have a link to the imitation? It's not on the other company's site anywhere I can see.
    3. Are they talking about the doll or the doll's clothes? I think sounds more like an imitation/bootleg outfit then the full doll. I know Luts has had that problem before.
    4. They must be talking about LaiDoll, then?
    5. that's what I presumed.

      by the time I checked it though, there were no such outfits for sale on it.

      However the model in the YJ! auction is a Dollzone isn't it? makes me think the outfit did originally come from laidoll..

      I'm not saying it's definately Laidoll, but there seems to be at least two things pointing to them- the name, the model. though it's not hard evidence I know.
    6. Erm. They did kinda use the same font too >_>
    7. The other day there was a Laidoll news and I thought it was Lati... but I soon realised that it wasn't the same company.
    8. I never saw that outfit on Laidoll o.o
    9. I didn't get the impression that Lati meant the company that's selling the outfit is the one with the similiar name and font. I thought they meant there was another company with similiar font, but is unrelated to the copied clothing.
    10. I believe those are it...there were a couple of others. Laidoll doesn't put all the clothes on their site anymore I think because of all the issues. They do however happily post all across eBay and Y!J
    11. I really don't think there's any point in damning laidoll.com when lati clearly just wanted to clarify that they are of no affiliation. The font thing is rather nit-picky considering it's a basic license-free font and they're not even using that same font on their actual name. ^^'

      The YJ person clearly copied the outfit, but there's no need to rip on dollzone out of the blue... 'FAKE' what?
    12. Ditto. I think the whole outfit copy is one company (unknown) and another company with a similar name/font (Laidoll).
    13. DZ was brought up because the model is an unpainted Dollzone doll with a lot of controversy attached to it, and it's a copy of an outfit that Latidoll made themselves. Whether or not legal action can take place, Latidoll created the outfit's look and any outfit based off it to such an extent as the auction one is considered a cheap copy.

      And no the font is not being "nit-picky", the font is known to be used by Latidoll first, people who see it will think they're related, especially with the name so similar. The Dollheart logo rip off is also a blatant attempt to be taken as the real Dollheart who are already well-known and trusted in the BJD community.
    14. I believe the riche set was up on ebay under the Laidoll eBay account. the other set I have no idea since I'm not familiar with Y!J accounts personally
    15. Yeah, terribly shocking that someone ripping off an outfit would use a notoriously inexpensive doll as a model... I have no particular feelings one way or another for laidoll.com, but based on their website photos of outfits, they're much more competent at presenting outfits than this person on YJ. I highly doubt that if it was dollzone, they would leave their *own* doll unpainted when it would cost them nothing to present it more nicely. I've seen plenty of rip-off outfits modelled by Volks dolls, I fail to see how that damns them to association. I don't know if they do rip off outfits, and I don't care... but ripping on them in a completely unrelated thread is pointless.

      A giant "D" in swirly text is hardly the most original logo for any doll production company. I *really* doubt they think anyone would look at a "D" and assume "Oh, this must be Dollheart's products!" even with a completely different company name right next to it and purchase products on a completely different price-scale under that assumption.

      It seems to me that everyone just seems intent on damning this company because of all that past controversy. Yeah, they copied dolls. Do you honestly think ANY of these Korean companies invented BJDs? Imitation is the way our world functions... 90% of the doll accessory websites out there have near identical stock. Of course they're going to make something similar if they see it's selling well, they're businesses.
    16. Just so everyone knows. I have spoken with DollZone DIRECTLY.

      They do not know the person that has this Y!J auction and they would like everyone to know that they have absolutely NO affiliation with this person at all. It is their doll pictured but they did NOT have anything to do with these auctions.

      Also, the DollZone Rep *whom I speak with frequently* said she did not believe this was any association with LaiDoll either. Though she could not confirm precisely, this Y!J seller is completely unknown to her, as well as the outfit itself and the style.
    17. I am temporarily locking this thread before in gets out of hand. We mods are discussing the issue, and we'll move all appriate posts to a new dicussion thread depending on what we decide. Thanks!