Latidoll Lime Line Discussion thread

Dec 19, 2019

    1. This is the discussion thread for the new Lati Lime Line.

      Lime Line is a new big size Lati line with the same proportion as Yellow Line’s (Lime Line height : 26 cm).


      ::: LATIDOLL :::
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    2. Wow, they're so big! I wonder how popular they'll be. I think a large part of the Yellow's appeal is the wide variety of clothing options.
    3. Very cute. They are YoSD sized at 26cm, but with a 9-inch head... so I don't think they'll fit in with my current crew... but very cute anyway!
    4. They are cute but the proportions are so different from other YoSD sized dolls that they would look odd among them.

      I wonder if Lati has improved their shipping times. I have not dared to order anything from them after their shipping times got way too long.
    5. Yeah, after waiting nearly a year for a doll I decided to only buy secondhand Lati. My only YOSDs are Lati Yellow Sp. which the new Lime would look way too comical with anyway. I don't know how popular it will be for that reason.
    6. I don't know, I think they sort of remind me of Blythe dolls, but in resin, so might be targeted at that audience.

      hmm, as for waiting times, getting a basic blank lati white, ordered February 27, arrived June 7th. (A little more than 3 months) But a painted limited doll I was waiting from early Nov to May 17th. (6 months)

      so maybe the waiting time has gone down?
    7. I'm intrigued by the size and proportions. If they open up with more head options, I'd better start saving now ;)
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    8. My friend ordered the Halloween one, it arrived in about 6 months. It's better, but still long.
      Also, they no longer offer a layaway, apparently. I asked when they released Lime, since these dolls are not cheap (over 500?).

      But I think the target audience is more the Disney AMT crowd. The babyish princesses? But the price jump is a bit high from those!
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    9. Does anyone know what the measurements are for the Late Lime? Does anyone have one yet?
    10. the official measurements are on the FAQ: ::: LATIDOLL :::

      I think I may have seen some on Instagram, but they may have been bought at a doll show.

      They are super cute, agreed. :D

      the peach white skin color is cute too. But I'm content to watch for now. :whee:

      If anyone does get one, do share pictures? :3nodding:
    11. Thanks
    12. I am now a owner of a Lime! Will post pics when she arrives inf a few days!
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    13. Haven't bought any lati for a very long long time but when I saw Lime I ordered one , probably need to wait till end of this year or beginning of next year. Wait time from my understanding is half year now. ahh the wait is long, please post lots of pics
    14. I ordered mine from Doll Peddler and she was in stock, so she will be here this week. Hoping for tomorrow or Tuesday! Will do my best to post lot's of pics but life with a 5 year old can get crazy. I will for sure post pics though!
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    15. Pic for today! Changed eyes to 18mm and they fit in better. 20mm just had some gaps for being a bit to big.
      [​IMG]P1010778 by Julianne Alway, on Flickr
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    16. Soo cute , I'm really loving this new size lati made. I don't have any yosd size in my collection and I think my future plan includes a lot of Lime. I actually love lati yellow a lot and regret selling a lot of my yellow sizes before now I wish I kept them so I can have a mini me type collection. But I kept alot of my lati white so I guess I can do a Giant and mini comparison LOL
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    17. heads up there is a new Lati Lime up for sale , she is gorgeous :)

    18. She's adorable!! Do you have any advice on clothes and can she wear YOSD shoes?