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LaTidoll Limited tanned Red K, L, M

Mar 3, 2008

    1. I haven't seen a thread for these guys yet, so I thought I'd start one. They are Limited tan dolls that will run until March 15th. They come with everything that is in the pictures, including wig, eyes, suit set, makeup, etc. Very cool, I am so excited!! :fangirl: More info on them on LaTi's homepage here.

      K: [​IMG]
      L: [​IMG]
      M: [​IMG]
      Suit: [​IMG]
    2. I love the out fit. If someone is buying him, and dont need the top hat, plz send me a pm about it, has been looking for one in ages now :)
    3. I orderd a tan K
      I just hope my order gets confirmed soon

      I have no need for the outfit tough, wish it would have been an option, my guy woudn't go near that type of clothes
    4. I'm interested in the vest, shirt and scarf if anyone wants a buyer for those! No need for the pants, jacket or top hat. XD
    5. Oh, I -love- them! And the outfits are just so perfect. If I didn't already have a Oracle M I'd snap one up so quickly.

      I particularly like L and K, not so much M, surprisingly.
    6. oh wow, they look wonderful.
    7. I do adore them quite a bit- namely L- which is odd as he is usually my least favorite. I even love the clothing- perfect for the steampunk world my large crew is existing in.
      That their heads are so much smaller though.. it makes me hesitant about getting one since he would be photographed next to a K-doll.
    8. Yeah, Lati is killing me. That tan looks so awesome! ;__;

      Anyone want just the outfit? XD;;;;
    9. I have an Oracle M and I am still tempted by the tan L. :lol:

      And I agree about M. Usually it's between M and L for me, but those pictures aren't the most flattering of M.

    10. I love the default outfits on these guys. The tan skin is really good looking too.
    11. I don't know what it is, I usually don't care for L at all but in tan I love him! Must resist.
    12. L!!!!! He is so gorgeous in tan skin - I'm seriously tempted.
    13. Zowie! lookit L in tan!! :love Very stunning with those grayish eyes and auburn hair. These boys are all lovely. It'd be tempting to get a set of all 3, if you had the shelf space for it!

      What a nice color they are; a little toastier than Volks maybe. Wonderful faceups they have to go with their new coloring, too.
    14. yea,they are such a heart breaker! *faints* i want the K!
    15. I'd love to see pics of your Oracle. But to keep from hijacking the thread!

      I'm still torn between K and L. They're both so handsome...I'm just afraid that one of them, even tan, next to M would be too similar for my liking. They sure are still tempting though despite that!
    16. I think I like L and M the best in these pictures. They look incredible in tan. O_O
    17. Sadly, I'm really thinking about selling my Oracle M. :(

      But I think that an L would look sufficiently different enough. I have seen pictures of the two together and from what I've seen you won't be able to mistake the too. (Not to mention I always find that tan seems to "change" the features (even if it doesn't) on a doll.

      Not to mention even further, L is pretty popular. So if you didn't bond you would have an easier time selling him.

    18. I placed an order for M. Couldn't resist :)

      If anyone is interested in the default outfit, I have put mine up for split (see sig). I will divide up the pieces if I can find buyers for all of them, since there seems to be more interest in parts than the whole...
    19. I just ordered my K. Yay, so excited!! :D
    20. Anyone getting a Tan L? Sadly I'm going to have to miss out but I at least want to see him around on the boards. :(