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LatiDoll - new BJD company

Jul 13, 2005

    1. Today I saw new Korean BJD company!
      Who's very interested in Tiny BJDs will want to know this. :chibi


      Their website will grand-open on 1st September. (Korean, Japanese and English ver.)
      Before that, Latidoll will show up at the 1st Doll Festival, which is Korean doll event by Angelregion. (17 JULY)

      Yellow - 16 cm Baby

      Green - 30 cm Jr.
    2. Lonnie and Renia are so cute. ^_^ Thanks for the information, Sienna!
    3. Oh. *hearts* They're gorgeous.
    4. I love Lonnie and Renia. :D
    5. falls of chair ...WANTS LATI MIEL....SUNTAN?????
      September hugh ?
      yippi ! Payday!
    6. Lonnie and Lea are my faves I think.. Really interesting and beautiful dolls! ^^
    7. Lonnie!! :o
      Cooome to me *pets monitor*

      Thanks for the pictures they're so adorable. :D
    8. Lonnie!!!
      Oh, sweet sweet baby!!!
      I must have her!!!!
    9. I wonder how much the 16 cm will be I :D them
    10. Lonnie is a girl? xD *was fiercely hoping for a boy* Lonnie is so cute. ;_; *needs*
    11. :o :o :o OMG - They're SO ADORABLE. I'm going to put some money aside for one of these cuties! At least there's a little time to save for them. I want Lea.

      :daisy Dena
    12. LONNIE!!!!! LEA!!!! SO CUTE!!!
      I hope Lonnie is a boy though! >_<
    13. Lea has the cutest pouty lips. I want! :o
    14. Lonnie is so cute x_X Is it a boy?
    15. Is it just me, or do they have the same faceup artist as Luts? :?
    16. Aww Lonnie is too adorable! I LOVE Lea and Miel though *_*
    17. Oh, these are adorable! I'm impressed by the sculpts... so cute! *^^*
    18. Aw, they're adorable! I love Lonnie.
    19. OMG they are too adorable. i wonder how much they will cost
    20. lonnie is adorable reminds me of a customhouse sort of mold with (your so right)the luts faceup artist XD