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LatiDoll: New sculpt for yellow?

Jan 24, 2008

    1. I just read the announcement for latidoll in their february - march restock information, and am I right to assume they've made a new sculpt for yellow line? @.@;; I must save!!

    2. This is terrible!!
      I loooooooooooooooooooooooove that size!
      I saw Lati dolls in for the first time in person just this week and yellow size absolutely caught my attention :D

      But I have a white on the way......
      I'll bring home a yellow some day :(
    3. So yellow sp will be replacing yellow renewal???:doh
    4. No, that's not the impression I got, just that they'd be separate or something. Here is where they mention both sizes....

      Brand new dolls in Yellow line will be released as
      Limited doll firstly with both Renewal/Sp. body types
      in the middle of February.

      So I don't think they'll be replaced at all. I certainly hope not because that is a wonderful size.:love
    5. That's the impression I got also, that the new sculpt would be released as a limited version in both the renewal and the SP size ... *droool* I can't wait to see what they look like ... it's my favorite size too =O
    6. Whew that sounds so much better. I must have read it too hastily.
    7. Well... I wonder...
      From the announcement they didn't tell that they'll restock the basic yellow renewal body,right?
      So saddddd TAT
      'cause I've planed to order the basic yellow from them ;_; so i have to wait until the next restock???
    8. Hi! New to the forum!

      I just emailed Lati about this yesterday because I was intending to buy a lati yellow with renewal body in the next restock and from the way it reads, it does sort of look like they will not be offering the renewal body in their next restock.

      So I asked, because I want the renewal body and this was their reply:

      "Hello, this is Lati.

      First of all, thank you for your concern.

      We are preparing brand new doll with both Limited Yellow and

      Yellow Sp. type, that`s why we delay the restocking of Yellow line

      Basic ver. dolls.

      We will post a notice for more information soon.

      Take care."

      So I'm thinking that they will be (or they just have no idea what I was actually asking, who knows?!)

      Hopefully their next notice will be more clear! My lati yellow cookie needs a same sized playmate!!!!
    9. gosh TAT
      i'm really in with the basic yellow
      the sp. is too big for me
      i still want to know WHEN they will restock the basic yellow?
    10. LaTi has changed their release date of yellows to Feb; I think 24 or 25th, original date was yesterday or today. The yellow line has two bodies now the shorter body, which I believe is the original body and now a taller body. The heads are the same for both bodies. There seems to be two options now for each of the regular heads. They weren't there 2 weeks ago. I like a couple of the white's but I like one of the yellows.

      Edit: See thread: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=146371
      Where the new yellow body was discussed.
    11. I was trying to make sense of their announcement as well. It doesn't look like the White Sp. body is listed? Will it not be made again? It was my favorite size...