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LatiDoll posing

Jan 4, 2007

    1. Hi Everyone~~

      My sweet sweet Lati Red M arrived today (:D :fangirl: :aheartbea :aheartbea ) and I love him to bits and pieces!
      Just one thing.. I find him very hard to pose.
      His elbows are great, but the shoulder joints just won't stay, and the knees are a nightmare.
      Anyone else have these problems?
      But more important, anyone have a solution?

    2. I find with the Lati legs they tend to rotate inwards to make him pegion toed. However rather than yanking and twisting on the lower half (calf) grab at the thigh and twist. Much easier and you don't yank his leg into weird directions. From there then post the leg how you want. It's just a two step process instead of one ;)

      As for the knee mechanism, the catch is much larger than other dolls. So you have to pull a bit more to get the catch to slide into the joint and then bend the knee :)

      As for the arms, I like the eblow joint, if you twist it slightly I find the pose sticks better since the joint isn't likely to slide into a comfy position :)

      Hope that helps
    3. I totally agree that the Lati guys have some posing issues I went ahead and hot glue suede my Aida and he poses like a dream now. No more shoulder issues or hip cocking. He's also stopped hitting himself in the face lol. So that's my solution is to suede him. I have only tried the hot glue method so I don't know if the traditional pliver is better but hot glue was super easy and fast!! Hope that help!! :)
    4. Thanxx gals! That sure helps. Is there a thread on tutorials for sueding joints?
      I'd like to get going with that too.

    5. I will definitely try the hot glue sueding method - admittedly, the single torso joint is a hard thing to get used to with a houseful of DollShe boys. :( But I want my Chaim to sit...and he will, with the upper torso section pulled up and out of the hips section....but I can't seem to get his legs into a natural looking position...tips?
    6. i haven't had a problem with my K's elbows but the knees get on my nerves. i need to suede and wire him but i just haven't had time to yet
    7. Lati redline has knees of doom. *__*
    8. I can get my latis to sit nicely with a leg crossed XD it looks much more natural. I tend to let them stretch their legs out further and then just pop one knee over the other. The leg doesn't even pop out of the socket and he looks so relaxed and loungy

      here's a bad photo...Chaim's pants make his leg look wonky there...I'll see if I have any photos of Adel :) I think I took some good ones

    9. Wow! How did you do that? When I put my M's legs crossed, he kinda keels over backwards...
      I was thinking of sanding out the hipjoints a little, to allow the legs more space to bend, what do you think?