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Latidoll Red AIDA & CHAIM and ADEL -- dolls with 3 eyes?!?

Sep 12, 2006

    1. Well, I know in some cultures, that third eye can represent psychic or mystical ability, or represents some kind of magical power.
    2. Could u post the pic here? I could not access the Lati doll web site...:(
    3. Serendipity sold a doll with 3 eyes as well, but that was many years ago ^_^
      Can't wait to see these~!!

    4. [​IMG]

      Here you go. Um, it's interesting, not my type of thing though.
      ~ Jay
    5. i think that's just chaim-the teeny pic of aida i saw he was all decked out in white and had only 2 eyes!
    6. *____* i want to see the other doll- man.. SO AWESOME. I love third eye dolls.
    7. He's cool lookin! Wish the third eye was bigger though XD
    8. This is the other picture I saw. it was on the side banner of the Korean site.
    9. Chaim is Awesome Looking:D... Thanks for the larger picture Kotori I really like him now. I didn't know how I felt about him in the fist tiny pictures. But I love this picture:fangirl: He is a Freakin hottie:D I can't wait for the rest of the pictures.
    10. I love his smirk, so arragant. ^_^ and his nose looks sexy

      edit: I'm confused as to who you have to buy to be entered in the draw....
    11. He's lovely but...I don't like him. x.x; The third eye is scary.
    12. From what I understood it's Either Aida or Chaim.
    13. wow... so not my thing, in so many ways. omg i thought maybe they were making a girl. nightmares for sher, sorry I looked at this thread, omg.
    14. I think I saw some BJD's with three eyes a long time ago now, but I can't be sure if I dream't about them or if I glimpsed them on the internet. Hmmmm, have seen the small pic of the boy with the third eye and very intrigued I am.
    15. That looks kinda creepy, I like the face up though.
    16. Love the half-smirk, but I´d prefer him without the third eye.
    17. Same here, I love the whole concept though....That Face Up, That smirk, and the outfit (from what I can see so far)...What can I say I'm a sucker for Angels:drool .... And Fallen Angels are also pretty Freakin Hot:D But not the third eye... I'm not too crazy about that. Which is a good thing, because I don't need another doll, especially not Another M....Right?:? Lead Me not into Temptation Please Lead me not into temptation;)
    18. O_o.... or should I say OÅO
    19. he's pretty cool... but i wish they were girls. SIGH.