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Latidoll Red boys Renewal body!

Jul 28, 2007

    1. I couldn't find a thread on these here but Lati's posted the new bodies for the redlines!!!! (You can beat me with a stick if it's out there somewhere)

      They look really good and fixed a number of issues with the original body (like the waist joint doing pretty much nothing, and the thighs that just turned in, and also double jointed knees for kneeling!)

      Here's the link to the post!


      I did post on the Q&A about getting a body for my Adel and they said yes though it'd cost $50 more and take about a month before they could offer it to me. But I think the wait will be worth it as is the extra money. Besides it's $50 on top of the 30% off the renewal price which is only $315
    2. Is it just me or there's no any much changes for new body?

      Oh, really? That's so kind of LaTidoll! Next time, if they renew the Redline body again, I will ask them about it. ^___^

      I love Latidoll! But, I hope their renewal body skin won't too be shinny like old body skin :(
    3. hm there are quite a few changes. mostly improvements on the old body changes that I noticed as follows:

      1) double jointed knee
      2) Waist joint can actually move and be posed (I swear the old one was there for looks!)
      3) Added a thigh joint to swivel the upper leg and allow for cross legged poses more easily.
      4) changed elbow joint for more natural movement and better posability
    4. Hmm....that's good!
      Thank you for pointing them out, rillystar! ^__^

      I can't wait to get mine....
      I hope Latidoll could meet my high expectation.
    5. I'm glad I didn't order my Lati M when I was going to! I have his head now but the new improvements of the body make me glad I waited.
    6. AHHH! They are doing a 30% off sale on all Red Dolls?! (Looks at abused wallet and wimpers)
    7. but I think the sale is only for people who already have a red line doll:


      kind of confusing. I don't know what would happen if you tried to add the 30% off one to your basket and weren't an existing customer.

      edit: forgot to ask. can someone sort of describe the lati normal skintone? I want one but I can't figure out if it would match. I need a really pinkish ns. I know it's super shiny but I've seen it sanded and blushed that looks good.

    8. [​IMG]
      Credit to SchizoCheese

      I hope this picture helps you. :)
    9. Alas I no longer have a NS Lati...when I did it was between the Luts NS and DoD (closer to Luts but a bit paler to the blank nanu 06 I had at the time)
    10. Apologies for bumping this thread, but I've been thinking about getting a new redline Lati body since I saw they had improved it - it's just been on the backburner. For those who own one of the new bodies (after July 2007), are you pleased with the quality and posability? Is there anyone who owned an older Lati red body and upgraded? If so, did you find the changes worth the purchase? I would love for my Chaim to finally be able to stand more than a minute or so without his knees buckling!