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Latidoll Red Limited Collection

Jan 12, 2010

    1. Am I the only one wondering where the new Lati Red Limiteds that were supposed to be released on Jan. 11 are? There's been no mention on their announcement board of a delay in these, but also no preview pictures or anything. I tried sending them a Q&A but have not gotten a response. I'm dying to know what they are (and if I will want one)!
    2. I'm right there with you! I've been curious as to why there is no update or notice at all from Lati. Hmmmm....
    3. I can only think that they seem to do their best business with the smaller dolls - I know the Lati Yellows are hugely popular (I am still waiting on two specials ordered back in October!) so they aren't as concerned with this SD line. Honestly, I'd give my firstborn (if I had one!) for a Lati Adel. He was released before I knew how wonderful BJDs are. I keep hoping they will come out with something else on that mold although it sounds like these are going to be a completely new line. Can't wait to see them - don't even want to try and guess what they might be!
    4. Mmmmm...Adel :drool

      I would LOVE to add him to my girl group, he'd be a little slice of Heaven to my girls!
    5. They've been behind on everything lately, I think they're still really backed up. Hopefully they come out soon! I have been waiting to see their limited blue vampires. It would be nice to know when to expect them though, that way no one misses out!
    6. They were really good about giving people plenty of warning that the Ninja release was delayed, but nothing on these Reds. And I think their red boys are so beautiful, even the basics (trying to decide which one might most closely pass for an Adel if I just modded his ears a little - K seems to have the little grin but M looks to have the closer eyes and nose). I did see somewhere that that part of the world is experiencing really low temperatures that they are not accustomed to and it is causing problems with resin casting. Maybe that is part of the reason Lati is behind on orders from the last events. (I feel like I have been waiting forever!) At this point, I'd be happy with a picture and a date of release on these reds! They are telling people that they will be doing the Yellow Vampire release on schedule. Maybe that bodes well for the Blue vampires too.
    7. For everyone who is anxiously waiting for the release and pictures of the Latidoll Limited Edition Red Collection, here is the reply I received from Latidoll todae:

      "Dear Ms. Lin,

      We are sorry but the releasing date for the new Red limited collection was postponed. We will post a new notice about this soon.

      Thank you.

      Lati "

      Guess, we have to patiently wait a bit more longer!!:(:...(
    8. Thank you, padme79! I finally got the Q&A to work for me and got a similar answer. Wonder why they couldn't just put up an announcement in the first place that there would be a delay? Now we have to wait for the announcement AND a new release date. *sigh*