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Latidoll Red Limited Lobelia and Dahlia

Oct 23, 2008

    1. Oh my god! :o
      I want to see how tall they're ....
      Hmm...I can't wait to see more of their photos~ :aheartbea
    2. I'm glad the photos they released are clear. : ) It was infuriating when they only released silhouettes of the LatiBlue boys. D,: But we can easily see the features of these girls. They're gorgeous and have such soft features. Gah. Those delicate ears are beautiful.
    3. Yup....
      I'm wondering if their heads are same size the redline boy.
      I still couldn't believe their redline boy's head are MSD size...
    4. Dahlia~~~ -love so far-
    5. Why are so many companies naming their new girls Dahlia/Dalia???

      Anyway, they're pretty.
    6. Oooo, I like...with wings, too...

      I'd love to see more photos. I probably won't be able to buy them, anyway, but I'm very curious to see the fullsets. (I'm a masochist, I guess. XD)
    7. yeah, me too, ryunohime...I can only dream of owning a basic version, if one is ever released. But ohhh...Lobelia....so beautiful!! (and those wings!!)

    8. I think that this is the reason cause they are planning to keep off the actual red boys and release new boys next year :roll:
    9. Dahlia looks like she has a dreaming face...I think I'm dead >_<
    10. Dahlia is so beautiful! I just love the outfit and wings.
    11. A popular name nowadays, isn't it?
    12. OMG!! Are those magnetic wings?? *dies*
    13. Actually, I like the head size of the Lati Red boys. Made them look more like teens and less like children with man-faces like most SD-sized males (proportion-wise).

      These girls... I think they're very pretty and I can't wait to see the fullsets, but... I guess Lati girls are just not to my tastes. ^^

      I thought they were going to release one boy and one girl though. Changed their mind? (Or.... is that the same face sculpt only in different outfits?)
    14. i love their elf ears and outfits. <3
    15. If anybody wants one of these girls and not the body, I would be very interested in a split, once I see more pics of the body if they put them up
    16. They have the most adorable faces.. Can't wait to see more pics.
    17. I really hope their outfits are not beautiful....
      If their outfits are pretty, I may have to waste my money again....T.T
      Well, I will have to see their body size first....
    18. Gosh, the new detailed photos makes me want one of these girls. They're so gorgeous!

      Different busts too?! Amazing! :D
    19. I have to say I have fallen for Dahlia! She might even make me forget Beryl! I think I will stalking Lati doll site around that time. I am quite in love with her.