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Latidoll Red Line boys Discussion

May 23, 2006

    1. oh my god~~
      he is to command
    2. since we are not to chat in news ---

      zomg... if you click on the drop menu under "new product" you can see both K and M. M looks a TINY bit older, ne? But as Cynthia pointed out via email to me... K looks like he's thinking naughty thoughts.

      there are pics of his body - sorta - well his chest at least which is really all I'm likely to ever show and ... um... well... "BOY HOWDY"

      um. yeah. wonder how much he is going to be. and if he fits into luts boy stuff. Yeah.

      The Harem may have FINALLY found a sheik!!!!!!!!! :aheartbea

      I saved a couple pics - i'm not stealing their bandwith - hope it's okay I did this. If not i'll delete --

      This is "M", or, Elijah Wood


      and this is K. NICE.... um... tummy. yeah.
    3. Does anyone know when Lati is comming out with the red line...I need dates! M is gorgeous.
    4. I asked on their Q&A board what kind of clothes they could wear...this is the response

      "Hello, this is Lati.

      First of all, thank you for your concern.

      And Red line boys, K & M have the body
      which are divided into two parts on their pelvis.

      And their specific size will be updated when
      they are released. =)

      Luts boys and volks thirteens' outfits and shoes
      will be compatible with K & M in general. but the
      opposite is impossible.

      And they use 14mm eyes. =)

      Take care."

      *runs off to look at M again..yum!*
    5. This means that they have torso joints structured like CP boy bodies?

    6. Hmm

      Someone said he uses 14mm eyes~

      i hope he isnt one of those small head sort.



    7. yea it says in his specs that he has 14mm eyes
      bermann and hound both take 14mm eyes as well (and probably the other dollshe boys as well) if that gives you any sort of feel for size.
    8. where did you guys read that???
    9. um.... why do threads shut down after I post on them....???????????

      Please, where did you read info on these boys??? All I see on the site is
      "Special limited ver. Red line, boys who are 63cm in stature will be
      released first in 19:00(KST) June 12th, and Basic ver. will be released
    10. crybaby. i got the specs from asking a question on the lati Q/A board :D
    11. Their release was pushed back to the 14th... :...(

      :jittery with anticipation: I reeeally wanna know what the LEs will come with. And how much they'll be!

      I can't believe how much I'm obsessing over boy dollies... I don't even like males! Real or doll ones!! :shudder Oh lati, what have you done to me!?
    12. The first batch is limited to 20? Does anyone know what size wig?
    13. I'd really like to see his full body and hands....are there any pics anywhere?
    14. There are a couple pics of the K and M specials.

      K is called Final Hunter and M is called Bloody Mist. Says prices will be up Monday; they go on sale on Wed the 14th.

      There may be a kink in my plan to get M now. I don't like the specials, that's fine, I can wait for the basic; but I just hope latidoll can do the faceup like in the first pics we saw, I don't want those angry elf eyebrows like they seem to be sporting for the specials and I don't like the lip color either, it's just not to my taste. I hope the basics come out soon!!!
    15. Ahh, they are so pretty!! And their outfits are amazing, too. ToT

      Edit: Here are some of the pictures of M for people who can't see them. XD




      and three of K (wow, I love both of their outfits... they look so different with these face-ups!)



    16. Anyone know how much these dolls are going to be going for? basic and limited versions?
    17. the price for the limiteds is up, says $890. that's actually less than i thought, given how complicated their outfits are.

      no prices yet on the basics.
    18. For some odd reason I had had myself convinced that lati only made tinies(dont ask me why,no clue) but now I know why! two more to add to the evergrowing list!Does lati do white skin or just a normal skin?I love the K special but since I never have the money,Ill wait for the basic versions.I saw them both for the first time yesterday evening and I already have my plans in place for what they'll look like!!
    19. Aoyuki, Lati does do white skin for all their other dolls, so I'm sure that once they release basics of K and M they'll have a white skin option too. :)

      I'm sure that you'll be able to request a faceup style for the basic dolls, too. It looks like their others tend to have more of that 'normal' style.

      Personally I am head-over-heels for K, especially after seeing that special version...*_* Must...not...buy...augh...