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Latidoll Red line doll, L

Nov 15, 2006

    1. Latidoll posted a notice today talking about a new Red line doll called L. :whee: Lati said they’re going to post pictures of him tomorrow. I can’t wait to see him!!! If he’s anything like the other Red line boys, I’m sure he’ll be gorgeous! :D
    2. Ooooh. :0 This is just going to make me want another doll, I just know it. *sobs*

      HOLD ME.
    3. lol well I work graves so I'll keep checking the Lati site and let you know when the pics are up :)

      Oooh another Lati boy...I do like them XD hopefully L will be really cool!
    4. *hugz timchener* I know the feeling! If he has a smirk like Chaim or Adel I am so doomed. *_*
    5. Oh dear, I am most definitely looking forward to this.
      After all their other sexy boys, I have high expectations~! :D
      *plops down to wait for pictures* <3
    6. ooooh~~~ this is exciting xD
      I'll be staying on-guard in this thread for any update on this new guy~<3
    7. nothing yet methinks it'll be out tomorrow night then XD
    8. This is Awesome:D Can't wait to see this New Hottie;).... I wonder if Lati Will ever release Girls in the Red Line.... That would be Something right;)
    9. Wah!! Another one! So soon!!! I hope I hate him! <___<;; lati always make beautiful boys... I wonder if they are ever gonna make girls?
    10. big girls? I think they have some 50cm + girls in the blue line...I think XD
    11. Yes I am talking about redline girls. I hope they make some so I can find a girl for my Chaim. Any other girls head will be too large. <__<;; ^__^;;
    12. The Blue Line girls (though gorgeous with Lovely Slim Mature Bodies) are about MSD size:(

      I'm right there with you Shoko;) I'd love to see what they'd come up with should they make a Big girl..... Imagine what the body would be like on her:D Maybe something like the Blue Line girls but Just bigger:love.....

      L is a Christmas Limited Edition Special Doll:lol: Can't wait to see this boy:D
    13. I'm with you, The Beautiful Doll & Shoko86~! ^_____^
      I really hope Lati releases some Red Line girls. *crosses fingers*
    14. Right now it's like half past midnight in Korea. XD You're in for quite a wait.
    15. well I'll keep watch again tonight when I'm working :)

      ooh limited dolls...I hope not too limited...
    16. Oh No! Lati can't do this to me again!!! :...( I can't buy another boy!!!!...but I can't wait to see pics!!!!
    17. Unfortunately he's limited to 30.:( So I hoping he'll be another tan doll!
    18. Waah! Just yesterday I was looking at my friend Adalaire's pretty (nekked) new Aida and was thinking that I would love to see more dollies in Lati's red line... I also hope I hate L .... >_>;;;; But Lati makes such beautiful boys. XD I was hoping for another unlimited doll... (goes to check)
      hmm wait "All the basic ver. dolls will be available again in December"
      That means that L will be unlimited right? (excluding the 'special Christmas' version.)
    19. I think that L is special and not limited therefore he will have a basic version... right? At least thats what I think. ^^;;
    20. Lati Announcement Quote;)