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Latidoll Red Line Dolls?

Oct 10, 2009

    1. I've been poking around on the Latidoll site and have fallen in love with the Lati Red M Basic version doll. I've done a few searches here and I couldnt find very many threads about them, no discussion threads among owners or anything.

      It says on their site that they are sold out. Does that mean they're not going to sell anymore? It's just a basic version so I was hoping they will :eusa_pray

      I already have a Latiblue boy too, and he is a lot larger than other MSD brands, so finding the right sized clothing for him is often an issue... Is this the case with the red boys as well?
    2. Unfortunately Lati has said they will no longer release basic K, L, or M. Here's an old news post about it:


      Irene and Nill are the only new basics they've released so far this year. Your best bet for scoring M would be the Market Place or see if Lati is planning any special sort of release for the older boys. No telling. :sweat

      Annd like you've experienced with the Blue boys the Red are also difficult to clothe. They're just proportioned differently and a lot slimmer/model like so a lot of regular clothes just drape on them.

      Hope that helps! I no longer have my Lati Red guy, but I do have a soft spot for 'em. :)
    3. Thanks

      Thats sooo disappointing :crushed I really loved his face! Hopefully they'll come out with some more boys soon then!
    4. Well, whaddya know. o__o; Didn't expect this coming! It looks like they've only changed the wig defaults and whatnot around, although I can't help but feel like M's gotten squintier than before or something...
    5. Looks the same as mine. I guess they were too popular to discontinue.
    6. Ah just the place I need. Does anyone have the sizes for the red lati doll males? I need to know the height size and I just can't find it anywhere.

      Am I missing something on the lati doll site? I'm considering getting a white male body somehow, second hand is fine, but I need to know the size of them first. So they are slimmer than most other brands then? That's good to know, I need the slimmer body for the boy I'm planning. XD
    7. I put my M in volks sd13 boy clothes and it seems to work out alright :)
    8. So wait, is the Red line disontinued or not? *_* I hope it's true they're too popular to discontinue, because I really like M and L...
    9. It's strange they brought them back without any fanfare, I thought they were going to design some new big boys. As well as being slim they also have very small heads compared to other SD boys - more like an MSD. This is mainly because the back of their heads are flatter than usual.
    10. @ ArcaneDesires: They're 63cm tall. Along with what's already been noted, their proportions are a bit different than most other boys in the SD13 size range too. They're much longer in the leg so pant length can be an issue. Sleeves aren't as big a problem but things can still seem just a smidge shorter to me. Most of the time my problem with clothes is everything just falling off my doll XD"
    11. Oh really? Excellent. Thank you. That helps me with my decision then. XD Anyone know where I can find the full measurements like neck size etc? Sorry I'm just confused on that part. But I was looking for a 60 or so cm doll, so this might actually work out right. XD
    12. If you go on their faqs they have info about the red body, but heres the measurements they listed:

      Red Size

      height : 63cm
      Head : 20.5cm
      neck : 10.5cm
      bust : 24.2cm
      west : 19.5cm
      hip : 24.4cm
      arm : 19cm
      west~ankle : 39.5cm
      foot : 7.9cm

      IM SO HAPPY THEY DECIDED TO SELL RED AGAIN! I wonder if they plan on continuing selling them after this selling period. Does anyone know?
    13. Even before they opened the selling period or put the K, L, and M fullsets up, they had the heads listed in the parts section. I guess this particular random factoid is neither here nor there, but they do seem rather iffy about this whole discontinuing them thing...
    14. I totally missed that! Jeeze I'm sorry for being a dummy! But thank you sooooo much! It's looking more and more like this could actually work!

      Thanks for the info Blackcat87. I hope they continue to sell! I have a long time before I'll have the money for the doll I want. XD
    15. No prob ArcaneDesired, sometimes you just need a second set of eyes to find things ;)

      Has anyone tried to order a lati doll today? I added one to my cart and it wont let me purchase it :...( It just keps saying there is an error, and Ive made sure im not skipping any information or anything when i click the next button.
    16. I'm really curious if there is anything official, or if anyone has tried to buy a red doll as of late, since I have really wanted one for a while but I have refrained because I'm broke...

      If they really are going to be discontinued then I might need to reshuffle some finances to see if I can get one....
    17. another discussion thread for nil and irene http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=283078&highlight=lati
      clothing discussion for red boys http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=99115&highlight=lati
      Basic L discussion http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=103239&highlight=lati+red
      M & K discussion http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=65752&highlight=lati+red

      also some sd13 long leg pants work and sadol makes some of their things in lati red size.
    18. I tried buying a red the next day and it worked fine, it must have just been a glitch. Im not sure either if Lati plans on continuing to sell the Red boys for a longer period of time, but I really didn't want to risk taking the chance of missing out on one forever, so I had to do some rearranging of finances too. :sweat
    19. Thanks for all the helpful info! I did a search for Lati Red and didn't come up with any of those threads :?

      I was a little concerned with clothes, and really wondering why it didn't seem like anyone was talking about the Red guys so this makes things A LOT easier!