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Latidoll Red M and K - what's the difference?

Feb 28, 2007

    1. i have been just kinda wondering whats the differnce between latidolls K and M?
    2. I hope this doesn't sound like a smart-ass answer:sweat but they are completely different headmolds. I think all of Lati's big boys look so similar it can be difficult to tell them apart unless you look at specific features. K has a gentler looking face with a softer jaw line, shorter nose and larger eyes. M is more mature looking with a firm jaw, longer chin and nose and smaller eyes.
    3. I honestly think they all look the same. ^w^;;;;;
    4. M is hotter :D:D Haha I find that M is more mature looking than K. I agree with what idrisfynn said about them :)
    5. Oh no no! I must say K is the hotter one! ;)

      But M does look a bit older. Plus the ‘dip’ in his bottom lip is deeper than K’s. They do have a similar style, but us obsessed fans can usually tell between them no problem. :lol:

      Try looking at them without their face-ups in the Red Line optional parts section at Latidoll.com and the differences might seem more obvious.
    6. Idrisfynn pretty much nailed it I think...K always looks so gentle and innocent, and M looks more mature and has those bedroom eyes :O
    7. so let me get this straight
      M=older like M as in mature
      K=gentler one
      bottom line im getting a M
    8. everybody's taste is different of course, some people like M better, some people prefer K.

      They DO look rather similar, I agree with that, but if you look closely you'll see the differences. I have an M, I chose M because I, too, thought he looked older than K and I wanted my boy to appear like he was in his early 20s, not late teens.
    9. i see... they do look similar with the smaller pics but as everyone said, M looks more mature
    10. owners of M
      does his dip in his lip look a tad deep to you?
      to everyone else who own either
      how do they pose? is it worth it in the end? what clothes can i get them?
    11. WEll my boy is naked at the moment, :) He has clothes in them mail for him. SD13 tops fit good and nice, and look hot, and iplehouse pants and longlegs things are also good. Luts stuff is bad, its way to big in the hips and too short in the legs. My M poses pretty good, he's a bit loose so I'm going to be hot glueing him. I like the dip in M's lip, to be honest I don't ever notice it, I just think he gorgeous ":D
    12. Well, differences are nailed, but I personally find that K is more expressive as a mold and can have a lot more different looks depending on faceup/photography. :3

      As for other things you asked, basically, I think my K needs hot glue sueding/restringing since his arms flop around miserably. Lati Reds have stiff wrist/ankle joints and they don't move around too well. Legs have a bad habit of rotating around too. Heads don't tilt very far up, and they lean back quite a bit when sitting. But despite everything they stand pretty solidly, and their arms have a decent range of motion. And considering the detail in the hands/feet/body/head... all totally worth it, if it's the appearence that matters most. XD

      My boy wears Dollheart SD13 boy stuff, which fits nicely, but pants have been problematic because of their long legs and small hips. SD13 boy shoes should fit fine. Also, watch out for their hands at times, since they're pretty big and might get caught in sleeves.
    13. thanks, i am totally getting a lati doll pretty soon (a yaer give or take)
    14. i think their lips are one of the different they have.
      M's lip is kinda thicker than K's
      and it seems that M's eye is narrower than K's@@"
    15. could someone possibly provide pics of both of them together (does not have to be in the same pic)?
    16. I think Latidoll added an L to the fray. I can't tell them apart by first glance either (=___=)lllll
    17. My Andrew is a Lati M. He has a few quirks and needs to be hot glued. Also you need to manually manipulate his knees to get them to unlock from standing to sitting. He poses really well. My biggest problem is getting used to his size. All my other dolls except for my Obitsu are MSD on the smaller size and I keep forgetting that I must use two hands.

      Re clothes. I find that if I buy pupa-paradise SD pants they fit perfectly both around the waist and in the leg. He cannot wear the SD size tennis shoes they are way too small. He has wonderful large manly feet, Probably equivilant to size 13. I had two pair of cowboy boots and a pair of ankle boots that I found in SF Chinatown and with his dress shiny leather, he is good to go for almost any occassion for Oregon.

      He needs more shirts but with his dress pants, two pair of cargoes and his velvet lounging pants that chriseev made him, he is set. He needs new hair. The wig is not very nice.
    18. what about L?
    19. M is so cool l loove him L loooks nothing like M and K hummm a tan M,K or L
    20. they are a tad to muscular for my charcter, can i sand the 6 pack down, how hard do you think that would be? what should i use (sorry im a customzing noob :sweat)