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Latidoll Red - wig and eye size?

Oct 27, 2006

    1. My Lati Red M should be here in a little more then 2 weeks, and I was wondering what are some good websites that have suitable wigs. I want to get him a Beatle-esque wig, in a dark brown or black. :D
      And what kind of eyes work best with him? I've only used Kemper flatbacks before.. Do the round ones work better with him?
      Oh, and I got him some SD13 sized boots, will these fit? Thanks in advance! :aheartbea
    2. Well, though they are too often often variously sold out, which is sad, Leekeworld do have beautiful wigs. They are nice and silky, and they have a lot of styles. My Zach (SAHound) wears a Leekeworld wig, and I ordered one from them on 21st of October for my Morgan (Latidoll Chaim, on his way), and it came today, so...well, I don't know it's always so, but they were very quick!

    3. I agree about Leekeworld having very nice wigs~ I don't own any, but I've tried an MSD sized one on my K, and it fit decently. It was a bit loose, actually. o_o; But there's no denying the quality there.

      My K is wearing SD13 sized shoes from Dollheart and they fit fine, so I'm pretty sure anything in a similar size (like, > 8cm) will fit.

      I'm still hunting down eyes, but I think that most 14mm eyes would fit well in Lati Reds? I believe K's eyes are a tad more narrow than M's, though I can't really say for sure. I just know that the high dome on my K's default glass eyes make a bit of a gap which isn't too good in photographs... but I'll let someone who actually owns an M make the final call on that one XD
    4. Yes; my Zach tried on Morgan's wig (an MSD wig) and it was tight on him but *just* fit - so I am sure that on a LatiRed, whose heads are smaller than Hounds' heads, Leekeworld MSD wigs should fit good. :)
    5. SD13 Boy shoes fit on a Lati Red. Make sure theyre for boys though, since SD13 shoes are different from SD13Boy shoes. The SD13 shoes will only fit on girls.

      As for the eyes, 14mm eyes work best, since they're the same size as the defaults. Try the VOLKS metallic eyes, since theyre a good price.
    6. in the end what is the wig size for lati Red boys?
    7. It is 7-8 (closer to 8) inch. Wigs with a shallow headcap work best, Kon'D wigs are a perfect fit :)