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Latidoll - Replacement event of Blue line new-body

Jan 18, 2007

    1. I guess most were too excited with the announcement of the new Boy-Blue line to notice this:

      [ 2007-01-18 ] replacement event of Blue line new-body

      Hello, this is Lati.

      First of all, we are very sorry for the delay of Blue line dolls’
      shipping schedule again.

      After Blue line body adjustment for some improvement,
      they stand more stably and their proportion is more naturally,
      and new double-jointed elbows help posing more well.

      * you can see Blue line new improvement body and difference directly
      in related FAQ.

      Now we arrange replacement event of new body parts plus head parts
      (only same type as they are) and free Make-up service for applicants
      with the price of Blue line body parts -$200 and half shipping charge. =)

      *We ask your understanding that Make up service apply to only same style as they are.

      Object of replacement :
      all Blue line dolls including Special Limited ver. and ART ver. dolls.

      Period of replacement : from 22th January
      order which are received until 28th February.
      (After event closed, the products for replacement will be deleted and
      it`s hard to receive the request for replacement separately after the period.)

      procedure of replacement :
      1. Make an order with product named Replacement event in Blue line parts menu.

      *We’d appreciate it if you make an order before sending
      your Blue line doll to us or before our receiving your package at latest,
      for efficient management of replacement procedure.

      2. Send us your Blue line doll(1 complete set-head and body parts) with main box
      which we sent with your Latidoll or some safety box to the address
      which are shown below.

      (zip : 142-876) 170-83 B1, suyu3-dong, gangbuk-gu, Seoul, Korea.
      Tel : 82-2-907-0616

      *We are afraid customers pays for the return, and we`d appreciate it
      if you send us your doll to us as complete set(head parts+body parts)
      for replacement. We will send you only new-body parts back,
      in case of your sending body parts only and we ask your understanding
      that new-body parts color may different from preexistent head parts.

      3. We will preparing whole new-Blue line doll with improvement new body parts
      after confirming your order and settlement.

      *We ask your understanding that Replacement may take more than usual preparing period.

      *We are afraid there is a chance that skin color of new Blue line doll
      are different from the color of preexistent doll, because of BJD manufacturing feature by handiworks mostly.
    2. So what they are saying is if you have an old Blue line body you can send it back to them and get a new version but you are charged $200 even though they keep the old parts?

    3. they are also saying something about replacing the heads and re-doing hte makeup for them if I read correctly.
    4. Doesn't that mean it's minus 200 dollars from the actual body price, not that the cost would be 200? Unless the body parts do cost 400 dollars... Does anyone have the price? I guess it's not on the site yet. (I mean for the new body, replacement package).
    5. :doh I'm confused.

      I'd love to replace Mink's body, but I certainly wouldn't pay $200 to do it... Also, I have no idea what they are saying... about the faceup and everything... anyway, they couldnt copy Mink's faceup because they didn't do it - Morbidollz did.
    6. looks like their replacing your whole doll, with free makeup, and minus 200 dollars of how much the body costs, and half of shipping?
    7. well currently there is an order placed for me to get a blue cara. The package is being made and the order was placed before this notice. Does that mean my dolll is getting the new body type because they said the blue dolls are having a shipping delay.
    8. I'm guessing that's why there's a delay, but i would email them just to make sure you're cara is getting the new body.
    9. my cara has just been sent out and it does come with the new body ^_^
    10. Err, I'm confused. The price of the old Blue body is $200. So they're charging $200 more to replace the old body?
    11. Anybody figured it out yet?
    12. Okay, To my understanding this is the deal.
      You purchase the Replacement body Deal for $200
      You send in your ENTIRE doll to Lati (Body & Head)
      And they replace the entire doll for you, Body, Head, Face up and All for the $200 price.....
      I Think the reason they are doing it this way is because they don't necessarily know how old your doll is, and since the new body is made in thier most Current resin the color may be slightly different then that of your doll's.
      So they probubly thought instead of going through all the hasel with upset clients about thier dolls head's resin not matching that of the new body's Resin, they would replace the whole doll for only $200.... Does that make sence?:sweat
    13. http://latidoll.com/2005_en/index.htm?mode=product_view&num=731

      It's a bit hard understanding the broken English, but I think you *do* have the option of sending just the body back, but if you do you risk there being a resin colour mismatch with the old head, so they'd prefer you to send the whole doll back.