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Latidoll Stops basic Boys K, L, and M for 2009; releases new Red Line Girl

Sep 30, 2008

    1. News found on the official site and copy and pasted for your sake:

      It seems that K, L, and M will be stopped for 2009 and there are works for new model boy(s?) in the Red line.
    2. So i'm confused... can you clarify?

      Does that mean there will be no more of the existing red line boys at all as of 2009? (
    3. I am just as confused as you guys.

      I can ask on the Q&A board for clarification tho. :)
    4. I believe what they are trying to say is that once the orders for the Red Lines close on December 31st they will no longer be available as a basic version, but that they will be released from time to time as a Limited Edition type of thing. Of course, their Q&A response should make it all clear.
    5. I have asked them if the parts section would be discontinued as well since I need to upgrade my K's body and this is the response from the Q and A-
    6. It is confusing. I got this answer from Q&A board:
      'We are preparing new model of Red line boy. Current model is only available till this year.'
      Adding the words 'Thank you for the love on K, L, and M so far. We hope your love on newly released Red Line kids in the future.' in their Notice, I guess maybe they just want to let K,M&L retire and release new Red Line Basic?
    7. Update:

      [ 2008-10-11 ] Deferred releasing of Red Limited Colletion

      Hello, this is Lati.

      We postponed the date of release of Red Limited Collection to October 27 at noon 12pm (KST), which was planned to be released on October 17, to be shown the more delicate appearance to you.

      The photos will be posted as soon as possible.
      Have a nice day.