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Latidoll Wigs Do Not Match Pictures, and Poor Communication.

May 18, 2011

    1. First and last time I'm ordering from Latidoll, I suppose.

      I ordered a couple wigs from them. I ordered these:

      Y Sauvage Ra19-kb88(Silvery blond)
      G sweet wave Ra47-kb88(Silvery blond)

      First off, it was expensive to ship, but since I couldn't find anything matching that wave and that type anywhere else, I decided to take the bite.

      After not hearing anything for a month and a half, I emailed and never got a response. Yesterday, I got a notice that someone tried to ship me something and I had to sign for it. Ah, so they shipped it because I nudged them.

      I got the wigs, and no, these are not silvery blonde. I go back to the page and look, and now there's a color bar at the bottom of one showing that kb88 is actually dark blonde (which this isn't the shade it is either) not the one in the picture.

      The wigs I got are a light blonde in color. They are not blonde or silver as the picture -and wording- implies. Now, okay, fine, I can understand there's a color chart under the one, I screwed up, but there's no color chart under the littler one and that's what they are saying they are selling.

      I have looked on two different monitors, and it's not an image display issue. Also, they shipped them in a huge box, whereas they could have saved money and shipped in a bubble mailer. That box was big enough to ship a tiny in!

      No communication.
      Wrong wigs.
      WAAAY overpriced shipping ($30).

      I would leave this in a feedback thread but...they don't have one for this year! :doh

      And here I needed a body for one of my floating heads. I guess I'll need to look elsewhere...
    2. Is it possible they sent you the wrong colour? The silvery blonde should look like a pale blonde as seen here and here. I have no idea why, but on the Lati website some of the colour charts appear different from each other: KB88 appears to be a pale blonde here which is accurate, but looks like a platinum milky colour here. I have no experience with the company, but I would point out these issues to them and see if it can be resolved.

      As for shipping, almost all Korean companies ship by EMS (which starts at around $20 and up) which is an express insured service. I actually haven't really seen any that do simple airmail shipping (I think maybe Ndoll does), so that would account for the shipping expense. $30 seems a little high (I usually only see it around that price for resin head parts, etc), but I have no idea how the wigs were packed. If the wigs were backordered, then that might account for why the shipping took so long (I know that some companies won't tell you when something is backordered).
    3. How long did they take to ship, if you don't mind me asking...
    4. I do agree that $30 is a bit much for just two wigs, but like masala_chai_tea said, EMS is express shipping. And honestly, that shipping seems comparable to other sites' shipping procedures. Two wigs from Dollheart, Dollmore, Luts, and Soom is about $22. But some companies do have a more flat-rate procedure.