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Latidoll winter restock

Dec 19, 2005

    1. for those like me who where waiting for the babies, all the yellow line is restocked, and I think the other lines too in a winter version! they are a bit more expensive but they come in a cute winter outfit and little shoes!



      aren't they adorable? I'm getting lea!
    2. They are lovely! I'm so tempted :)
    3. :D arnt they lovely ...I wasnt keen on that size , but I think I have just changed my mind:D
      I love Meil
    4. too cute. They look really cute when clothed the head size works.
    5. OMG I need all five:D So adorable!!!
    6. TreeLore you are so right
      I just recived Arin this morning his head looks HUGE ..(dont think ita as large as the Lillica Gienne though ) but clothes ...with his wig ..OMG he is so cute I could die
      I am very very tempted to get a Yellow one