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Latidoll Yellow, Green Basic - new BJD company

Aug 21, 2005

    1. the pics aren't showing up. *_*
    2. Yeah, I can't see the pics either.
    3. Try copy-and-pasting the image URL? I do right-click, "View Image" in Mozilla and they load okay.
    4. okay it works with netscape too. thanks
    5. oh no XD oh no XD
      I think I'm in love with miel, lea and ronnie XD oh nooo

    6. I do not want Miel, CoCo, Renia or Ronnie. I don't like MSDs because they're too small. I absolutely DO NOT want tinies.

      ...So how much of a dent on the wallet do these things make? >_>
    7. Yes, we need prices! They are Adorable!
    8. Much, much too adorable. *goes back to squee-ing at CoCo and Renia*

      No, CoCo, no. A 6.3 inch doll would just get lost. No, Renia, no. 11.8 inches isn't any better.

      16 is too small as it is. Has to be at least 22.

      ...Stop tugging at my sleeve. T_T;;;
    9. Is it just me, or does Ronnie look exactly like a CustomHouse Petite Ai in those shots?
    10. i thought the same!!! :o
    11. He does, a little. XD;;;

      ...CoCo won't leave me alone. I'm on the verge of giving in. X-x;
    12. hehe he looks like a male gabriel mix uriel.
      Which makes him so darn adorable....

      miel and lea are seriously probing my wallet :oops:
    13. Yeah, he does. o.O
    14. i agree again! :D even about miel and lea! ^^
    15. do we know the cost or their sexes?

      I love miel and lea but is miel a boy - in the other pictures it shows a suntan (possibly female) *is oh so confused*
    16. Oh my...they are so cute!! :D cant wait for their release!! hope to know futher infomation...like ordering cost and size etc...
    17. Lea's expression is adorable. ^_^ The 16cm dolls look like their heads are a little large for their bodies, though?
    18. I agree - if their bodies were different and more in proportion, I would probably be tempted by Lea. She's a cutie, but the undersized bodies are a turn-off for me. =o_o=;