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Latidoll - Yellow, Green Special Limited.

Aug 28, 2005

    1. Here is works made by wondermom(http://wondermom.hompy.com/)
      which are famous in yahoo action site in japan.

      The works are nice,great and lovely...

      I think all of you will really like it...

      Finally, This Ronnie made by person who made petite Ai at Customhouse.

      You can consult his works.

      ( grand open for Lati on the 1st Sep 2005 )

      Yellow 16cm Baby




      Green 30cm


    2. these dolls are cute, lots of attitude and personalities.
    3. Anyone know how much Ronnie will go for? O__O
      Oh the cuteness..<33
    4. HOLY BLEEP! :o
      RENIA!!!!! O_____O
      I can't BELIEVE I'm attracted to a girl doll but... MY GOSH!! She's PERFECT!!

      x_X What version to get -- augh!
    6. Might have guessed that one. XD I guess this answers the big debate over on the other thread then about whether or not Ronnie looks a little bit TOO much like Petite Ai. That would be why!
    7. Oh they are all gorgeous and those outfits *_*
    8. I think I deserve a SIGH OF RELEIF lol. If he was an illegal ripoff I would have been very sad...but it makes it even better that he's sculpted by the same person -- that means that he really is my perfect (after Rengemaru) 26-30cm :D *JOY*

      It's like my wishes for Petit Ai came true :cry: <-*tears of joy*
    9. They look so CUTE!!! I wish I could buy one.
    10. This Ronnie sculpted by person who sculpted petite Ai at Customhouse. ^^;

      Have a nice day~
    11. *grabby hands for ronnie* I saw him before but now that I see him in that cute little costume..*dies* I wants.
    12. Oh gosh, I want Ronnie and Reina both. O___o

      I'll just have to be good. ^_^;


      No really, I'm fine :cow
    13. Do we have prices yet for these special limited versions?

      And a date for ordering and HOW to order?
    14. *grabby hands at CoCo* I hate that outfit, but CoCo! ;o;
    15. I agree COCO outfit makes her look like a wierd child ganny at a funeral. You could buy the Regular limited version which has a different more natural look and outfit or just the regular version. And save dollars.

      Miel has the best outfit!!
    16. Indeed, that's what I'll likely end up doing. X3

      And Miel's outfit makes me squee. X3
    17. really explains the entire ronnie issue XD
      I'm in love with latidolls... bad bad
    18. They'll probably be on Sept. 1st (although this is a guestimate) when the store opens.

      I'd love to know the price too though...I am getting Ronnie ASAP.
    19. WAH! So cute! I adore Miel and Renia *^^*
    20. im going to get ronnie too but i think ill have to wait until october or november before i can order him. but i cant wait!!! he's soooo adorable.