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LatiDoll's Blue Line mini (part 2)

Aug 17, 2011

    1. This is the discussion thread for Lati Blue Line mini.
      If you have FAQ please PM me with link and I will add info here.

      Body Comparison Photos:
      Volks Hewitt II MSD Long-Legged Boy, Angell-Studio F-Nicety Vera girl, Unoa B-el Boy, LatiBlue Boy Rei on A-type body.

      LatiBlue Boy Rei on the A-type body, Volks Hewitt II MSD Long-Legged Boy.

      Lati Blue Boy Rei, Msd Hewitt, Angel Studio F-Nicety Vera Girl

      Part 1 discussion:

      Part 2 discussion:
    2. Hello new discussion thread! :)
    3. o-o Ohhh Queedie ..
      you are ordering one, that is cool !
      I always wonder if my Joori will look with giant head next to him u_____u .. I also want one, though I love their special edition tans o-o .. their girls are stunning T^T
    4. Does anyone know how often Lati restocks? I'm thinking of buying a Lati Blue boy.
    5. I'll share what I know : Last year they opened in October for Halloween event, and I am guessing it would be the same this year though it might be delayed a little since they closed on 8th August for basic orders & when I contacted them regarding the blue line dolls, they informed that they are working on a new line of dolls which is taking their attention for now so no special edition of blue line is in mind :( ..

      I was wishing lati will give more attention to other lines/sizes other than Yellow but it seems they really occupied with orders / plans and I hope it is not another tiny size o.o ..
    6. Thanks for the information. Well, October isn't too far away. I joined their website so maybe they'll send out email when they have another preorder period. This is so typical of what happens to me; it takes me forever to make up my mind about which doll to buy, and then I have to wait again to preorder. Lati must be a really small company. I wish there were more companies that made small, but mature male dolls. There just aren't any other companies that I can find with a Lati Blue sized guy.
    7. I also want a mature looking in a small size .. I had dollzone in mind too, and i am pretty much sure I will order their mold in November this year hopefully ! ^^
    8. Well it looks like we're all in the same boat xDDD
      I'm getting a Lati Blue Boy, but I was hoping to purchase in November. Hopefully the preorders will be open? xD
    9. Just noticed that Lati's new limiteds (tiny, unfortunately) are up. I asked them today about basics being restocked any time soon. I'll be ready to order next month, so I wish they'd hurry up.
    10. I noticed that too, but there is no sign that they will open for the basics this period :(
      I really hope they will open soon too
    11. In response to my question about the next ordering period for basic Lati Blue dolls, Lati said:

      "Basic dolls will be all available in this month.

      Thank you.

      Lati "

      It's a bit cryptic, but I take this to mean that they can be ordered in October (since September is nearly over) or during the event. Maybe I should rephrase my question and ask again.
    12. Awesome! :)
      Thanks for the note Lina!
    13. My only dilemma now is deciding which guy to order. I am leaning toward Rei, but Rucas is very appealing too. I kind of wish Lati had faceplates. I love Rei's slight smile but wish he also had a more neutral or serious expression too. Maybe I'll go for the smile as he will have a very grumpy girlfriend.
    14. Lina,

      That might be a good balance. If she's grumpy, sneering looking you should make him have the smile.
      Unless they're a rough and tough kind of couple. Trouble makers maybe? xD If they were trouble makers, I would go for the serious expression.

      I'm going for a Rucas all the way. He's intended to be my Vampire girl's older brother. Vampires are serious. lol.
    15. Vampires are serious! Here's my grumpy girl; not so much grumpy as snooty. I'd like a happier faceplate for her too. Maybe at some point I could buy a happier Bambicrony head to be her alternate look and buy the serious Rucas head to be an alternate look for Rei. Basically, I want them to be alive. lol

    16. aaw yeah that would be cool :D to give them different expressions is a great idea!
      She's cute XDD she does have that sort of affluent, snooty look xD Cute photo <3
    17. Oh .. Lina did Lati says they will open for the rest of the month O-o ?
      I saw their basics are available but I am not sure if they will close on 3rd October since their limited dolls will be available until that date.

      I want a Rei so much <3
    18. 8D ooo Choco! I'm so excited! lol
      *squishes you in hopes that we can order our boys*

    19. Queedie ~ how much did you save for him ? I still listed him for Nov. so I really hope Lati will open that time. I know there is Xmas LY limited tinies coming for Xmas .. so I think they will announce them near Nov?

      Lati was closed 8th August to Open 23rd Sep. If they closed it would be in October to Open in Nov for the Xmas versions ..Unless they will keep it open until early Nov then close .

      I really HOPE Lati is giving more clear answers about their opening / closing times ~ I also want us to have out boys Queedie ^^ <3 I am so so excited
    20. I asked them today when the ordering period for basic Lati Blue dolls will begin and end. I hope by asking a more specific question I will get a more specific answer. I don't know if they will answer me by tomorrow or if we will have to wait until Monday.