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LaTidoll's New Red Line Dolls- Nill & Irene

Feb 22, 2009

    1. [​IMG]

      LaTi updated their post today to give a specific date.

      This was posted on the LaTi site today.

      The news chat thread is here.
    2. Lati edit their page, it now says:

      "Hello, this is Lati.
      First of all, we ’d like to express our gratitude for all your support and interest to our site, Latidoll.com.
      Many customers have been asked to us about the releasing of Red line dolls since K, M, and L ware sold out.
      Therefore, we have devoted our time and effort to create a new type of Red dolls which can satisfy our customers.
      The date when you can meet the new babies is:

      February 28th Noon : Releasing of Red Special ver. Boy and Girl!!

      We hope you to have a deep interest and huge love for our new Red Special ver. babies.
      Thank you and have a nice day :) "

      oh~ I am excited!!! I can't wait to see what they have plan ^^
    3. Thank you! I've added their pictures to the first post.
      I've opened up a chat thread here.
    4. New pictures in the Red Special section !
    5. Does anyone know if this is the same body as the previous Red girls (Lobelia + Dahlia) or a new type?
    6. Probably the same female body from what I can tell. ^^