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Lauras Dreamdoll

Sep 12, 2007

    1. Hey all, sorry if theres a thread already like this, but I looked around a bit and didn't see one, so I thought I'd start up a topic :)

      I believe it was yesterday when I noticed these go up on ebay. A maker called Lauras Dreamdoll selling a whole bunch of fully dressed dolls at $400 a piece. I can say it caught my interest. I was wondering if anyone knows anything else about them?
      As far as I can tell by the ebay posting, they are from a Chinese artist named Laura Wei and are 58-60 cm each. They also each come with an outfit and shoes.
      Anyone else curious?
    2. for a few days there's been a big discussion about whether these are legit or not. See this thread in News:

      One of the boys has been identified as a probable Volks Isao copy, and the bodies as possible SD13 copies. One of the girls heads is maybe derived from Domuya Mai.
      The other 10 sculpts have not been id'd but the mods have decided to ban the entire line.
      The company claims (in their ebay listings and by ebay questions) that the dolls are not copies. So far Volks (or any other company) has not replied to those who have alerted them and has not done anything to have the auctions pulled.
    3. ah, thank you! Will be watching that thread then ^.^
    4. EDIT: Well it seems that most of what I said was mentioned before I finished typing the post...

      Not only their dolls seems to be bootlegs but their other products also look suspicious...like boots resembling strongly to Dollmore ones...
    5. I have to say, its really comforting having everyone on DoA watching out for things like this. Its quite a shame to see someone trying to sell knock offs, but its amazing how fast it gets caught here! I love that this board is so dedicated to honesty and making sure people like that dont get very far.