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"Lauschaer Glasaugen" Glass Eyes - Wide Range of colours! And CHEAP!

Jul 3, 2007

    1. Hi DoA!

      A couple weeks ago I discovered a great online shop that I want to tell everyone about. They're located in Germany and are called Lauschaer Glasaugen. They have no minimum quantity for ordering and accept PAYPAL!


      If you look under the 'doll eyes' category, you'll find a wide range of colours, sizes, and styles. The widest range of colours shown at the bottom are called "special" colours and apparently they have even MORE colours available as well. You have to contact them for the full list. I think for ABJD, its best to go with the solid flat-backed variety rather than the hollow hand-blown. So you'd mostly want Art.No.213 solid or Art.No214 solid.

      Here's the Special range of colours as shown on their website:


      You'll need to email them for a pricing list, which they'll send to you in PDF format. But I know that for 'Doll Eyes', the highest priced pair (in the common BJD range of sizes) you can get is only 14,60 EURO - approximately $20 USD. The rest are cheaper!

      You can get very custom with these eyes too. (You can even order them with different coloured rings at the center. The ring can either be solid or blended. Asking for 'blended' results in a wider, more transparent ring.) The ordering system is a bit confusing, but I know they were happy to help me figure it out when I asked. Basically, the order syntax is divided up into sections describing each aspect of the eyes.

      (Quantity) / (eye style Art.No) / (size and variety) / (Iris) / (Ring - if desired) / (Pupil)

      Basic order for pale blue eyes (no ring or anything) would be like this:

      1 pair / Art.No. 214 / 16mm doll eyes special solid paper weight flat back / Iris no.02

      I believe you can specify the details of just about everything. If you want the iris to be a specific size, you can request it. (There's a +/-0.5mm sizing allowance though since the eyes are all entirely hand-made.) Or you can be more general and use terms like 'small', 'medium', and 'large'! You can do the same with the pupil I think. You might be able to request different coloured pupils too. I would highly recommend contacting them first about a really complicated custom order just to make sure they understand what you want and the best way to write it out. If in doubt, ask them!


      Please don't message me with questions about how to order the eyes. I'm not a representative of them or anything. I just found their website recently and thought I'd share them! Its so hard to find good quality SOLID glass eyes for these kind of prices!
    2. Yes.Their eyes are beautiful!

      But the colors will have a bit different from the picture.

      This is turquoise (on the top)& no.22.

      *turquoise is not in the colour chart on #1.When you go inside their web site you can see.This is a special color.
    3. awesome!!! do they do slit-pupilled eyes? good quality glass eyes are indeed hard to find without being charged insane amounts. ;o; which is why i've been buying mostly acrylics.

      do you know what their non-US/europe international shipping prices are like?
    4. if someone needs help: I will order some soon and I don't mind ordering some more. I could send you the eyes you want but you have to pay shipping to wherever you live.

      slit-pupilled? like cat eyes? Well I can ask them if you want!
    5. Just a note, make sure if you are from a place other than Europe they don't charge you the 19% VAT charge. I didn't realize until I had already paid, but they did issue a refund (although they did it through payment, not actual refund, so a paypal fee was added - I lost a little bit of money).
    6. well I am from germany and I would have to pay 19% VAT anyway.
    7. these are really nice, i am very tempted...and also my written German is appaling! (i can understand more than i can speak or write...odd i know)
      Would you run a group order Suzu?
    8. yes I can run a group order! 2 other users asked me about it already. I'd like to order anyway.

      It's the same with my english! It's a lot easier to write and read than speaking. ^^'
    9. If somebody wants to know the current prices for a pair of #210 (round, mouth blown):

      6 mm: 5,73 euro
      8 mm: 6,44 euro
      10 mm: 7,41 euro
      12 mm: 7,86 euro
      14 mm: 8,57 euro
      16 mm: 8,96 euro
      18 mm: 9,27 euro
      20 mm: 9,85 euro
      22 mm: 10,57 euro
      24 mm: 11,34 euro

      als prices exclusive of VAT. Please add 19 % for tax.
    10. I emailed them a little while ago asking if they had more colours but they told me they only have what's on the site. ;3;
    11. I emailed them with some questions and recieved a price list of all of their current eyes... link Prices are in euros, so use a converter like [URL="http://www.xe.com/ucc/]Xe.com[/URL] to find your currency ^^
    12. Just a question how much are these eyes?
    13. Suzu posted the prices a couple of posts up.
    14. Do they really have other colors? Do you like send them a pic and tell them, THIS COLOR PLEASE? I have allready asked them a lot of questions and they seem a little tired of me lol...
    15. they say they do custom colors upon request. that's all i know about that.
    16. do they do cat eyes as well?
    17. maybe the make cat eyes on request but I don't know about it. as far as I can tell they try to satisfied their customers as good as possible. I asked them about special eye size/pupil size. they told me it's not possible to make the exact size because the eyes are handmade but they would try their best without increase in price. Maybe that's the same with other colors too?