Event [LDOLL FESTIVAL] :: 162 exhibitors on October 27-28 !

Jul 17, 2018

    1. Ldoll Festival, the biggest BJD convention in Europe is coming back October 27 & 28 in Lyon, France for its 7th Edition.

      Ldoll Festival will be MASSIVE, with 162 registered exhibitors so far who will exhibit and sell their dolls, clothes, accessories and tools.

      View the full list of exhibitors here:


      Ldoll Festival is such a huge event to organize, there's no telling if it will be reconducted from one year to the next. It is certain that there will be no 2019 edition.

      Purchase your ticket here : [BOX OFFICE]

      Learn about the contests here : [CONTESTS]

      Follow the Ldoll news here : [FACEBOOK]

      • Do not miss out on the chance of joining your fellow collectors in one of the biggest open market in the world dedicated to the hobby.
      • Spend time talking and taking pics in the meet-up section.
      • Take part in the contests and raffles to win beautiful prices, including full-set dolls!
      • Give yourself some time off in France's most beautiful city ;)

      Ask your questions at : [email protected] ~
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